Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Future Projects: The Hobby Hole

One of my projects for the winter and up coming year, is to improve my game room. My kids call it the hobbit hole due to the small undersized door into the room. I would like to change the lighting in the room, and also finish the walls, ceiling, and flooring.

Currently the walls are just plywood. This makes for a very dark feeling in the room. It also casts an orangish glow in the room. The room also has a low ceiling making my choices for lighting few.
My plan for lighting is to switch the on bulb that is in the ceiling to a florescent set of long bulbs. It is above my game table and I just want to get more light in the room. Pot lights along the edges is also a possibility. the ceiling will probably get a coat of white paint, and the floor will get coated in some garage floor epoxy.  I would go with a different flooring choice, but as my game room is in the basement, it is susceptible to water coming in during extreme down pours. I have a large rug that covers most of the floor and can be pulled up in case of flooding.
I would also like to upgrade my shelving for my models. Currently they are on some wood book shelves, but I would like to upgrade to some glass display cases with doors to keep dust out. Something like these from IKEA...

These Klingsbo glass cabinets are pretty nice and are reasonable pricewise too. These are my rough draft plans for the Hobbit Hole. Lots more to come this winter!

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