Monday, December 2, 2013

Bugeater GT 2014 tickets on sale now!

Tickets just went on sale today for the 2014 Bugeater GT in Omaha, NE. This is a great event that I have attended twice. I missed last year due to a new job, and have been regretting it since. This next one is a definite must attend if you are in the mid-west region. New this year is a Friday team tournament!  Here is their release for the event...

The fourth annual Bugeater GT will be June 6th to June 8th, 2014!

Click here for tickets

We can officially announce the fourth Bugeater GT. This year it will be held on June 6th through June 8th at Millard West High School in Omaha, NE. The Grand Tournament is not only an awesome weekend of gaming, but it is also a fundraiser for the debate team that I coach that raises thousands of dollars for our program. The Millard West debate team has won the state championship the past four years, and has had students place in the top 20 at the NFL national tournament. Our success would not be possible without your support! 

Now the basics:

We have a 6 round, 72 person 40k tournament. Players will field 1850 point armies, and we will use NOVA style missions (both tiered and cumulative). We are tentatively going to break to brackets the last three rounds to help diversify our awards and give more than just the one undefeated something to play for.

We also have a 5 round, 64 person fantasy tournament. Point levels to be determined, but this year we are removing our army composition restrictions for the fantasy tournament this year.

Our cost is low at $55. That's for three days of gaming, and a swag bag, access to the Golden Gobbo painting competition (our version of the Golden Daemon), and a chance at over a dozen prizes for fantasy and 40k each. This is possible because we get access to the facilities for free in exchange for donating money to the debate program.

We will again have thousands of dollars to give away in swag bags, raffles between the rounds, and prizes for award winners.

We have awesome concessions at the tournament. The debate kids and staff run the concessions, and in addition to lunch you can get at the tournament site, they will come around to your game tables and take orders for pop, candy, chips, etc. while you're playing. That's service!

If you're looking for some diverse competition this is your GT. Last year we had people come in from more than 12 different states from California to Texas to Ohio in addition to the states in our region. We're a 2 hour drive from Des Moines, 3 hours from KC, and only 6 from the Twin Cities.

Tickets are now on sale! We have the basic details for each event and we will be releasing more comprehensive test packs soon for you to try out and give us feedback on.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of the Bugeater GT!

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