Monday, December 2, 2013

Dataslates, Formations, and New Supplements..... Oh My!

Games Workshop is really pushing Digital Media this month with the 25 days of Christmas promotion. So far they have introduced 2 new rules types for 40k, the Dataslate and the Formation. Also on the way are 2 new supplements, Escalation and Stronghold Assault. If you surf the web, you would think the end of the world is coming!

Gamers are a funny bunch. We are never satisfied and hate change. We always want change but we hate it when it happens. All through 5th edition people wanted more codexes done faster. They cried for the old "Chapter Approved" material of old to be redone and included in 6th edition. They wanted more and different ways to play 40k.......
6th edition happened. We are getting codexes at a ridiculous speed. GW looks to have almost all codexes updated by the end of next year.  That is unheard of for them. And the fans cry now they are coming too fast. They can not keep up they say.

Now Games Workshop is releasing 25 digital releases in December, one a day till Christmas. Some are rules, some are fluff and stories. So far we have seen a new rule Dataslate. It is simply rules for one model/unit that inserts into an existing codex or two. This is awesome in my opinion. With these GW can add anything to any codex! This is what Chapter Approved used to be. But, but, it's not free the people cry out. Well yea, and neither was chapter approved. You had to buy the White Dwarf back in the day or buy the Chapter Approved compilation books. So instead of a $7-9 White Dwarf back then, you can spend $4-5 now on digital stuff. Looks like savings to me!
Day 2 brought us our first Formation. These are a group of units that fight together and get some special rules. They do not take up an ally slot, and you can have as many of them as you wish. The internet is a fire right now on how these will kill the game. I see them as simply another way to play.
Lastly Games Workshop is releasing 2 new supplements, Escalation, and Stronghold Assault. Again the internet is freaking out on how super heavy vehicles will ruin the game. Personally I think 3-4 riptides is way worse than any bane blade. I am looking forward to these 2 releases as they will give me new toys to add to my Sister's of Battle army. With a unit light codex, anything new that I can take is a huge deal for me. C:I was a great addition, but adding a storm shadow would be icing on the cake. Is it a game breaker? I don't think so, as the game still comes down to claiming objectives. I also love the idea of being able to choose to field bunkers as my defense and make my opponent assault me.
Puppy says "why so serious?"
People just need to take a deep breath and step back a second. Once we play some games with the new rules, it will be clear what is broken and what was just new. So my opinion here is bring it all on. Bring on your Forge World. Bring on your Digital Codexes. Bring on your Stompa!!  Because in the end, any game of 40k is better than no game of 40k!


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  1. Yes, good opinion. Let competitives play with comp rules and us scrubs play with cool awesome models and diversity. IMO the only real balance you can get is with two identical armies and lists, not forsaking random dice rolling. Chess with dice anyone?

    Seems like more digital content on Applepads than ebooks. I think I'll get one for all the e stuff, WH apps, podcasts for painting and codices for when im gaming away.