Thursday, December 9, 2010

Horus Rising

I went out and ordered the first book. Thank you I was pretty pumped since I had reread Rynn's World not to long before. I was not disapointed. I really enjoyed this book. Maybe I just like 40k novels. This one was pretty cool, and even if it was lite on the fighting compared to other BL books, it kept me reading nonstop. It was good enought to get me to order False Gods before I had even finished.

So now I'm half way through False Gods and I'm blown away. The fight on Davin's moon was so cool and nurgley. Time to get the next 3 books coming. I feel like such a noob just now starting this series.

1 comment:

  1. I see now you are truly obsessed with 40K....ANYTHING! Those Horus Heresy books are terrible to the point of borderline unreadable. False Gods is like a long bad trip to the dentist or proctologist.

    Have you considered reading Game of Thrones? Well maybe you shouldn't, it's unbridled awesomeness will ruin 40K books forever.