Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Choices......./sad panda

So 2 awesome tournies pop up this year out of no where and guess what..... They are only one week apart. With both requiring a hefty registration fees and hotel stays, they might as well have been on the same weekend. I will go to one of these, but which one is the great question.

First up is.....

2 day GT with lots of cool prize support. Very nice. Love the 6 game 2 day thingy. Very nice. Same weekend as college world series so hotels are $160+.. ouch. $50 registration fee is ouch....but there is swag...very nice again. It is closer than the other choice too. Very nice. Location has me concerned. I understand the reason it is in a school, but if I have to stay in a hotel, I would have prefered a hotel setting for the event. Lack of a bar on sight takes some fun out of it.

I very excited to see this in our area. I hope it does well even if I choose the other tourny.

Now the other tournament..

Ok, a 40k tournament in a bar. Yes please!!! 30 person, one day event. ok but not fantabulous. Hotels are $89 a night. The drive is also further, Did I say it is in a bar? After tourny party... Yes please. Waitresses... Ok. No one under 21, so no kids. Sounds good. So basically it is cheaper and more laid back.

Tough choices to make here. I do not see going to both as an option either. Maybe this is one Ill have to fip a coin for.

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