Monday, February 28, 2011

Legends of the Old West

Saw this game at Con of the North in Saint Paul. The terrain looked so amazing, but don't take my work for it. Here is some shots of Terrain Specialties "Cotton Gulch" board.

Terrain Specialties' Cotton Gulch

Side shot of the saloon.

The old watering hole.

So looking back at these pictures really makes me regret not getting into this game. I did get to play in Arron's Samurai game that uses a similar rules set. It was very fun and easy to use. I can see why they choose it over regular warhammer rules.

Example of a scenario.

Looking at the rules, it looks like they use a campaign set of rules very similar if not the same as Mordhiem. IMO, Mordhiem is one of the funnest campaign settings you can play. Now combine that with shootouts and old west theme, yes please.

Foundry figures.

Foundry figures.

More foundry figures.

Looks like models for this game set are easy and cheap to acquire. Above are pictures of the Foundry's wild west line. Looks like you can get a set of six or so for around $20. Sets with horses run a little more for less. There are 4-5 more companies that have wild west lines also. This game maybe worth a road trip to Tower games to par take in a game or two up in Minneapolis.

Finally I leave you with some more shots of Cotton Gulch by Terrain Specialties.


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