Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Con of the North 2011

Well 2011 CotN has come and gone. What a blast we had up there! Lexi, my daughter got her first con under her belt and had a great time. The games were awesome again and there were some surprises this year. I was impressed by Village Games and all the demos they ran in their room. Very impressive guys! Terrain Specialties did another awesome job with all the games they ran this year.

The wild west town was amazing. I only wish I had gotten into that game. The capture the flag board looked awesome also. Sorry I did not get any pictures of it. Arron's Samurai game was very fun. I really liked the way it played. Again no pictures due to my camera running low on battery power the first day. Lots of con coverage coming in the next day or two. Here is some pictures of random games and con stuff for now......

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