Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bugeater plans and coverage.

June is getting closer and I'm running out of time for painting. I still have a good amount of time but I want to finish before may 14th. There is a rtt I would like to take the Fists to and get some games in before June.

Also on the agenda is what I'm doing Friday night of the GT. I like Mordheim but it is better as a campaign. Bloodbowl is ok. Maybe get a 40k game in? Definitely a party night! I'll have to grab something special maybe.

I hope to do pictures of all the armies there. I'll have to see what kind of time we have. I want to do some short interviews too. My camera does really good short videos so I want to give it a work out. Heck maybe I can get down to Omaha before the GT and get an interview with Tim. Look for that in the future!

I plan to do battle reports in picture or video format. I'll have to see what works while playing. Not sure if I will do live updates or just wait till I get back. I might leave the live blogging to Tim, he tends to do it.

Also looking for a robe and flip flops.  This clip will explain all.........

Anywho..... More to come on the Bugeater GT. Maybe terrain pictures??


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  2. Are you same inquisitor_dunn from this thread? And are these the same guys who are running the GT?

  3. Mister Orc, these are not the same people running the GT. Tim is a reguluar at Dragon's Lair from what I know. From my questions to Tim, he has stated there are several stores and players supplying terrain for the GT. I have asked to see a sample boardand he has stated they will be up this weekend. I am bringing terrain just in case he needs it also.

    The post you quote is from 2006, and the terrain was bad back then at Game Shoppe. Things have changed since then too. Cover saves are easier to get now with 5th edition. They have also built alot more terrain. The recent RTT has been fine for terrain with lots on the shelf if needed.