Friday, April 29, 2011

Deadline for Crimson Fists....

All set for the Easter egg hunt!

My self imposed deadline to get my Fists painted up and table ready is fast approaching. It doesn't help that life got real busy also. Easter, looking for a new job, and my cousin passing away, has made for short painting sessions.

Here is a list of what I got done even with the distractions........ My Ironclad dreadnought is done! Predator number 2 is painted up and done also. My sternguard are also finished. Hopefully I can get some pictures up tomorrow or Saturday ( LOL, I got some quick shots and added to the end. Enjoy). I am very happy with how these came out.

My whole army is now at the prepaint assembled stage!! This means everything has been put together so that it can be painted.

On the home stretch? Left to paint is 3 razorbacks, drop pod, terminators, predator #3, and my librarian. seems like alot but the vehicles paint up really fast. I can do about one a day if it is just painting. The drop pod may take longer as I am waffling on how to do the inside.

This dude rocks! Finished Ironclad dreadnought.

I loved the back2basic bases. They turned out brill.

Finished sternguard!

Yeah, I hate white. 2 meltas, 2 combi meltas, and sargent with lightning claw.

Predators 1&2, finished and ready!! Woot.

More shots of predators 1&2.

Razors in various stages. Assembled, primed, and first coat paint.

Love the fordgeworld doors. Used the fronts for Preds and sides for razors.

Librarian ready for painting.

Predator #3 ready for priming. Sponsons will be painted seperately.

Terminator and librarian bases, done and ready.

Speeders for my 2000 pt list. Speeder 1 done, speeder 2 waiting on crew.

In the primer box!

Not shown is the awesome post it board I bought at officemax in Omaha. I'm going to do another display board. This one will be a little more fancy as the board has a really nice cherry wood frame. Watch for a WIP post before June on it.

Thats all for now. I have to be a chaperone for my daughters field trip tomorrow!

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