Friday, April 15, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together!

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Ever have one of those days when everything just kind of falls into place for ya? That was my day. It really started last night with a message I got on Dakka asking if I was coming up for the tournament at Tower Games.

Rewind to Tuesday. I was sitting there trying to decide if I would do the Ard Boyz this weekend. I got my VC out and wrote up a 3000 point list. Organized the army on the table and checked what models I needed to play. I talked to the wife about going to Sioux Falls and she was cool with it since she was working. Now my thinking was I would need to be home at a reasonable time to pick the kiddos up from a grandma's or something (our normal procedure for her working weekends).

Fast forward up to today, when I learned the kiddos are off to grandma's, and then off to Omaha to help Holly move. Wheels start turning and DING! Hell, why don't I go play the game I like to play. So I called Tower to see if there were any spots and yes there are. So tomorrow I'm off to....

I'm not ready to bust out the Fists, so the Sister's of the Ebon Chalice are getting another showing. I could run the DE but I might just sell them. I have a 1850 list I really wanted to try out, so maybe a tweak added to it will be fun. I'm going to take the camera up and try a couple different ways of logging a battle report. I want to find one I like, and the practice of doing both will be interesting.

So nothing new tomorrow but maybe Sunday or Monday look for battle reports and a few shots of the trip.

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