Monday, March 19, 2012

WIP Monday? Project SoB Rebirth!

Ok I apologize for it being pretty quite around here this week. Model wise, it has been pretty busy! This week I kicked into high gear my Sisters of Battle repaint. I also started a terrain project to use on my new board. So on to the pictures of what I have been up too!

First up is my new terrain project. I recently bought a table from my good friends up in Minnesota. Once I had the table, I then had the need for terrain. Thank you Pegasus Hobbies for your great sets. I saw this Cathedral on the internet and knew I had to build one. I picked up both of the small gothic buildings and one set of the large building. With the 2 small sets, I was able to build this church.

The fan is our "green" energy program here in Iowa! lol

The kit does not come with floors or roofs.

During a recent game, we played it as a modified ruins. It was difficult terrain to move through windows and los was not blocked. It was free movement to move through doors and inside. It was difficult for assaulting through the doors.

Love these kits. They are modular and very versatile. As you can see, they are these squares that plug into each other.

The large building set came shortly after and I wanted to split it up into smaller buildings. I had a couple door tiles left over and came up with these 2 buildings.

A one story building using half of the Pegasus Hobbies large building kit.

I wanted a square 2 story building. I imagine a bunch of these in an Imperial city housing mundane offices and workers.

I will have to add a roof and maybe a second floor if I make the roof removable.

I plan on basing all these building up on mdf board. I also want to do a tile floor for the church and furnish it. Roofs will probably be plastic card. I loved these kits and plan on picking up 3-4 more as they are affordable and very easy to use. I also need to prime and throw some paint on these this week as Zach wants to use them for cities of death this Friday.

Next up was assembling my Death Cult assassins and Crusaders. DCA were Daughters of the Flame from warmachine. The Crusaders are sisters from Mordhiem with ogre shields. The bases are temporary for painting.

Last thing I worked on this past week was their Rhinos. I wanted them to be decorated as they are the Confessor's rides.

Unlike the SoB rhinos, these 2 will be black and red.

Banner and antenna are magnetized.

Jacobus's ride..

Last part of the project is the re basing of all my models. I am going with an icy blue/white bases. I think this will make the black on all the models to pop. I found some from Dragonforge I liked and they came today. I have to say their quality is top notch! From what I can see these are superior to my Crimson Fists bases. The bottoms are smooth and their is little if any flash on them. I have not found a single bubble in any of the 60 I ordered. Very good product and I will be ordering from them again.

Very nice bases from Dragonforge. 10 of them ran $10.

Lots going on this week and even more coming up. I want to see if my buddies going to the Bugeater would like to do some interviews. They are fresh to tournaments and their perspective would be interesting. Ok, now back to painting!


  1. looks cool, can't wait to see the finished product

  2. Josh,
    I have finally decided upon a theme for the Bad Moons for the Bugeater GT. I am thinking of a used 'car' lot featureing a dealership with a highly detailed service department, parking lot with battlewagons, trukks, bikes, dreads, and a half completed stompa. I am trying to flesh out the color scheme for the bad moons now and will start construction on the dispaly board as soon as possible.

  3. Sounds cool. I doubt mine will be that well thought out!