Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Rhinos, Bases, and Display Board planning.

Ok this week was kind of slow for hobby progress. Blake and I drove out to Vermillion on friday to play Zach in a cities of death game, and I spent this weekend enjoying the nice weather with the kiddos and wifie. I did go see Hunger Games on Sunday too. So on to what I did do.....

First up is Kyrinov's rhino. I managed to get most of the base colors on and start to wash most of it. I have alot of highlighting and a few detail (skulls) to pick out and paint. I really like the black and red for the conclave rhinos. I hope it will contrast nicely with the black white of the sister's rhinos.

Next up was a small project. I wanted to see if I could wash my old rhinos. I wasn't sure how it would look with the 10 year old paint job. I am pleased and with some highlights, should look premo!

I still have to do the rhino doors. Unfortunately I forgot to bring them to Zach to have sprayed white. I also need to figure out my formula for highlighting the black.

I spent some time looking around the web to find an idea on how I'm going to paint my bases. While I did not find a tutorial I liked, I did see a suggestion to look at glaciers in real life. This was brilliant as I found alot of picture with the look I want. I need to paint one up and put my model on it to see how the blak will contrast to the blue/white.

The pictures...

Last up is an epic picture I found on Strickly Average blog. I throw this up in honor of my assembling rhino chasis #25 and #26.

So what machine shed in Iowa is this being built?

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