Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beating the painting blues!

So lately I have hit a "painting block" so to speak. I like painting and have a large project to finish before June. I even have a good routine of painting to podcasts. But what do you do when it still doesn't work, when you don't feel the "mojo"?

So my painting Mojo is missing. There might be several factors for this. It's very nice weather wise outside, definitely a "spring fever" scenario. Work is also a pain in the ass right now. Maybe the combination of stress and a deadline is making painting less appealing. Maybe it's due to me playing more games than before......

Mojo Jojo is awesome!

So I'm playing more games of 40k than last year. Well heck with a table at my house and an awesome set up at Zach's place, 40k is at an all time high for me. (case and point, I squeezed a 2 hour game in yesterday in the afternoon!) Before, I had to rely on tournaments for games, so I would get pumped up to go to them. Painting fueled the excitement! Now I can get a game in anytime I have free time, so tournaments are just another game day. So the question now is how to get back the excitement of going? (It's almost like being married, you know the seven year itch!)

You are looking at the grapes right?

Ok so maybe I need to change up how I do it. Maybe my painting needs some excitement! Ok, I got nothing there. But I'm going to set a painting day. I'll save some good podcasts to listen to and make sure my painting area is cleaned up and ready to go. (I have been pretty lax on cleaning up the old paint desk) Maybe less clutter will motivate me or inspire me. Heck maybe I should read a sell help book.....

So here is my question to you, How do you beat the painting blues? I'm interested in what others do to keep painting after years of putting out armies.


  1. My tactics...

    1)Watching something semi-interesting on Netflix, while painting.

    2)Playing something ridiculous while painting i.e. Andrew WK, Steel Panther, or Vah Halen.

    3)Painting in 15 minute intervals daily. (Just a wash, just a basecoat, pick out rivets)

    4)Always weighing time spent on table versus time painting. Termagants aren't getting the love that TH/SS are getting for this reason.

    5)Trying to paint with washes as much as possible without looking lazy.

    6)Priming with a spray basecoat, not black. I prime my Cygnar blue, and plan on priming my Orks yellow.

    1. Good plan on just trying to do little bits each day. I'm going to try that.

  2. - Switch projects around. Paint some Old West figs for a while instead.

    - Or zombies. Painting zombies is always fun.

    - Work on terrain for a while.

    - Put off painting until the last minute, nothing inspires like a deadline....

    - Sometimes you just don't feel like painting. Don't force yourself, it's a hobby. Paint when you enjoy it.

    -Dan H

    1. Haha, yeah those Wild west figs are staring at me.

      I don't have to worry about a setting a deadline. I have till the end of May to repaint my SoB.

      I think it's just spring fever.

  3. Quite your complaining...at least you don't have to get TWO different armies done for Adepticon this month :)


    1. haha, so true... so true. Now back to the paint hole!