Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post MageCon RTT Report

As Mage Con Spring comes to a close last weekend, I have a moment to look back at all the fun had, and to look forward to some very cool upcoming events. Gaming is exploding in this area with new stores, new players coming out of the woodwork, and new tournament road trips to be had. Read on for my Mage Con report and whats coming up.

My Mage Con experience started last Saturday with an early morning after having to work till midnight the night before. So a hour long drive at 7 am to South Sioux City, and I was at the Con for Paper Street Gaming group's unRTT. It was an 2000 battle point rtt, and I had chosen to paint and play a command squad that had been hanging out on my desk for too long. I had also stuck Lysander in my Vulcan list as I never get to run him. This was the best move of the day.

The man, the myth, the legend!

My list was my Vulcan 1850 Bugeater list, changed up a little.

The List
Command Squad- storm shield, powerfist, razorback with twin lasconnon
5x Assault Terminators- th/ss, Land Raider Redeemer with MM
Ironclad- heavy flamer, drop pod
10x Tactical Marines- MM, flamer, razorback with twin lascannon
5x scouts- power weapon
Land Speeder Storm-MM
Vindicator- siege shield
Vindicator- siege shield

So basically 2 rocks backed up by the dread and vindi's. My command squad spent the day doing what newly painted squads do...nothing. Lysander came out of the gate as a pro and was clearly the mvp, even more so than twin linked melta!

One of the only pictures I took all weekend! Total fail on my part.

Game one saw me facing off vs a space marine list played by a great guy named Carl. Carl was also running a command squad. He also had a ironclad, couple tactical squads, predator, 5 assault termies, 6-7 shooty terminators in a crusader. He walked his LC termies and I probably would have put them in the LR. The shooty termies should always be shooting to get the most out of them in my opinion.

Carl deployed across the whole board as we played capture and control with dawn of war deployment.
I chose to concentrate in the middle, and I chose the matchups that would decide the game. It was a bad matchup with Carl missing on all his early game anti tank shooting and my forces rolling over him. I scored a major victory but we had fun playing it out.

Game 2, I got paired up vs Clint and his Vulcan list. Clint was also running double vindi's and Vulcan. He had a command squad making this my second game in a row vs them. He was troop heavy with 3 full tacticals and 2x ironclads and a regular dread. The mission was seize ground with spearhead deployment.

No pictures here as this was an intensely competitive, and very awesome game. It was back and forth every turn and the game was always in the balance. Clint took first turn and his ironclads dropped in behind my tanks. On the first turn he managed to blow up my vindicator, command squad razorback, stun the other vindi, and immobilize my land raider. I was emotionally crushed. My tactic's has always been to run the vindis and LR to mid and control the game. Before I could even go, Clint had gutted my battle plan and had me sandwiched between 2 ironclads and 2 vindis.

But one thing about Vucan lists is they are deadly with any melta. In my turn I managed to destroy both ironclads with  shooting from my LR and my tactical's MM. My drop podding Ironclad took out on of his vindis and it was a game..

This game continued to go back and forth and was decided by objectives 2 to 1. Lysander was a beast and impressed me for the second game in a row. So after a narrow win I was off to play Brent and a Nurgle CSM list....

My final game was a good game marred by a rules disagreement. During one of my turns I was going to shoot over a close combat of a defiler and scouts. I could see some oblits on a high hill behind them. My opponent said the defiler blocked infinitely high and you can not shoot over. I thing he was confused with 4th edition and the "levels' rules. I tried to explain 5th edition true line of sight but it wasn't sinking in. Ultimately we had to have the TO come over and he ruled in my favor but I don't think he explained it well to my opponent. I think this bugged my opponent all game. I know the disagreement bugged me even though I was right. In the end I was one kill point ahead, but it was a win by 2 scenario, so tie for me.

Shot of Chris's Army from last years Bugeater.

Clint ended up taking first, as he blew out another Vulcan list, and I finished a strong 2nd only 4 points behind him. My buddy Brian took Best Sportsman, and Chris Douglas took Best Painted with his Custodes army.

Overall it was a great RTT for me. I played very good but made a mistake in the final game, giving up some kill points. I liked Lysander so much and how Clint's dreads preformed, I decided to tweak my Bugeater list a little. My last game was a little sour and my friends played vs an RTT.

Next up is a RTT up in Sioux Falls at Universal Bits and Games, link, and the Bugeater GT in June in Omaha. Hopefully I get to play Clint and get another awesome game.

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