Monday, April 16, 2012

Mage Con Lists and Bugeater GT Decisions!

This week is full of painting again, but not the project I was working on. This weekend I'm off to MageCon Spring in Sioux City for a 2000 RTT on Saturday and a Apoc game of 40k I'm running on Sunday. For the RTT, I have decided to play Crimson Fists and my Vulcan "counts as" list. I have also decided that the 5000 points of Fists is not enough and I need to paint up a command squad! We all like to torture ourselves don't we.... So read on and check out my list thoughts, I also had to make a big decision regarding Bugeater too.....

MageCon is a little RTT with probably 12 or so players. Blake, Brian, Josh S, are all going so our group is pretty pumped for it. These guys are newer to the tournament scene, and this is a pretty laid back tournament. This makes for a perfect chance to run some fun wacky squads I will never run in more competitive tournaments.

I taking Crimson Fists for a couple reasons. One, it's Two, I have only ran the Vulcan list once at Con of the North and I really liked it. So what's in the list you ask...ok, so maybe you didn't, but I'm going to tell you anyways.

Verdan Heras- Vulcan "counts as"

Capt Cortez- my Lysander "counts as"

Command Squad- Champion, one with storm shield, one with powerfist, apothecary, one normal
Razorback- twin lascannon

Ironclad Dreadnought- heavy flamer replacing SB
Drop Pod

5x Assault Terminators- Hammers and shields
Land Raider Redeemer- MM

10x Tactical Marines- flamer, MM
Razorback- twin lascannons

5x scouts- sarg with combi melta, 4 shotguns

5x scouts- sarg with power weapon, 4 ccw & bolt pistols

Land Speeder Storm- MM

Vindicator- siege shield

Vindicator- siege shield

I don't think it is as good as my 1850 list I took to CotN but it has some fun toys for me to play with. Lysander is fun to run, and I rarely get the chance to field that awesome model. The command squad will be fun with feel no pain and some power weapons. I love the double vindi, land raider redeemer combo! Park it in the middle of the board and watch you opponent squirm.

I may drop the second scout squad for a speeder with MM and HF. It has been bugging me that I do not have enough melta and flamers.

I hope to get pictures up before the RTT, and I hope to get army pictures up of the RTT. I'm also hoping to have Internet service there cause I want to check out the Independent Character's broadcast of Adepticon on Sunday. Now on tho the big decision of the week!

With the army list deadline closing in fast, May 11th, for Bugeater, I have decided to change what I'm taking. I'm going to play my Crimson Fists again this year as I am not going to be able to have the Sister's of Battle done in time.

So to give myself a shot at winning the whole thing, I had to make this decision. I simply could not get enough done by the army list deadline to guarantee I would have them completed by June 1st. A new deadline of October has been set for them, and the first major tournament will be Con of the North for the Sister's of Battle. This will still leave my X-mas open to start the annual new army!

What does this mean for Bugeater 2012? It means I have more playing time as the army is done! It means I can enjoy my painting and not feel like it's work. I think that is what was driving my painting blues. It also means the SOB will look better and not rushed. They will get their time in the sun, but for now the Crimson Fists have a MageCon RTT title to defend!

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