Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday; Yes there was painting!

Ok Wednesday is here and I have beaten the painting blues! I only have a couple minutes to write this up as I'm working on SOB and need to make significant progress before May 11th. May 11th is the deadline for army lists for the Bugeater GT and when I have to decide if I can finish the Sisters of Battle of go to backup plan B and play my Crimson Fists.

So I'm back in the saddle. Today was spent getting Sisters ready to pin to bases. Not too exciting but it will be necessary as I have clipped the tabs off of them. I'm also going with Dragonforge resin bases and will need a good bond between them.

I did get some paint on Kyrinov. He is at the post washing phase and has not got highlights yet, but he is looking good so far. I need to tone down the white as it is dominating the mini. I have a feeling his nickname will be father Xmas!

I really need to grab some white primer. I want to do some tests on my bases and I also need to start stripping my special weapon sisters. This means the sisters are out of the play loop till they are done. I had been using stand ins to practice with them, but with time ticking away, I need to get them stripped.

Ok, less talk, here are a couple shots of Kyrinov. Not much for a WIP Wednesday but I have been Procrastinating alot!

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