Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday; Adepticon Blues, MageCon painting!

Well I missed getting this up on Wednesday. I was too busy trying to finish my command squad and get them ready for MageCon this weekend. I am glad I can say mission accomplished! It's been a while since I have completed a unit or vehicle and I'm pretty happy with this one. Unfortunately it has lead to me having some free time today to see all the pictures of Adepticon rolling in.......

Seeing all the excitement and pictures has made me a small sad panda today. I'm regretting cancelling my trip last November when I found out the events I wanted were sold out. I should have just went anyways! Well next year my new gaming group will have to make it. No if, ands, or butts!

I decided to add a unit to my Crimson Fists for this weekends RTT. I have had a command squad in parts floating around for a year and finally decided to paint them up. They are simply going to be a "fun" unit. I'm running them with a champion, a dude with a storm shield, and a powerfist dude. Definitely not optimized, but I liked the models and I can always swap out guys not that I got the core 2 done.

Next up for the Fists will probably be some Vanguard I have lying around, 4 plasma cannon sternguard, and my Honor Guard chapter banner bearer. I should paint up another tactical squad for them some time too.

Sister's are still on the back burner. I think it is lack of a painting scheme that keeps driving me back to Fists. I probably just need to punch out one to nail down my colors and order of paints to get back on track. It's just so easy to paint fists as I know what order I paint everything in.

Here is some shots of the command squad. The lighting was poor so some highlights look wonky. The look good on the table, and that's my goal. My painting looks very nice far away but up close you can see my failings.

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