Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Bugeater GT 2012 Report

The Bugeater has come and gone. I have finally recovered from an awesome weekend of 40k and friends! So it is finally time to put something to paper. This is the second time typing this up. Thanks to Blogger, the first draft is lost in the warp!

Ok, so I took home this awesome plaque! I went 3-3, with 3 hard losses to gunline style armies. These losses showed a real flaw I had in my list and changed my attitude for the tournament. I played this years Bugeater after my losses to have fun and roll some dice. I did not have a top tier list in my opinion, so fun was the name of the game. I got to play Clint in the last round and had an epic game of Vulcan vs Vulcan! Little did we know it was a battle of the Bugeater Best Sportsmen! Clint was the 2011 winner and I went on to take this years award.

Clint winning his 2011 Best Sportsman Award!
 No repeat this year as I held him off with a 1 point advantage!

This year I took a Vulcan and Lysander list. Yeah I know, too many points in HQs. I ran some th/ss termies in a redeemer, some scouts in a storm, and 2 vindicators. I also had an Ironclad and a regular Dread too. It was a fun list, but it had serious weakness's vs gunlines if the terrain was not heavy. ( I did ok and won vs a gunline in game two due to favorable terrain.)

Terrain this year was improved over last year. This is really impressive since they added tables and went to 64 players this year too! Here are a bunch of shots of the 40k tables....

The trip down was fast as we talked so much 40k, I almost missed my exit into Omaha! Of coarse I would make up for that later by getting us lost several times during the weekend. All I can say is thank god for Blake's phone!

Mini game of 40k on the desk. There was talk of an all night game of Floorty-K!!!

The Hotel was awesome again this year. Breakfast was spendy at $10 but was buffet and good. In the end it beat driving somewhere!

The school was the same as last year for venue. It sucks standing on a gym floor for 4 games, but I was prepared this year and had a bottle of Advil ready to go! This year Tim added a table between tables, so you had a space to put your army and extra room to put bags under that table! This was awesome and by far a huge upgrade. If you are running a GT then I highly recommend you add this to your venue. I'm cool with this venue as it raises alot of money for his debate team.

Lunch at the GT was a tale of two days. Day one was $7 for 2 pieces of pizza, breadstix, unlimited pop, and a baked treat. The treats were very good but the pizza was lacking. The pieces were small and by the time my group got their to eat, they were cold. I'm not a fan of the pizza meal for next year. Day two was taco bar. It was $8 (dollar more than last year) for 2 hard shell tacos, chips (not sure on this, memory fading), a bakery treat, and the unlimited pop. I love the tacos but missed the changes from last year. The lost option for soft shells and no taco sauce was a bummer. The change to 2 tacos vs the unlimited taco bar of last year was a bummer too. On a good note they had lots left overs and opened the taco bar up for seconds (not sure how many got to take advantage of this). So final food grade is a B-. Good but they could have upped the bar, but fell short on this.

Overall the Bugeater was awesome. It improved where it had to over last year. The players were awesome, and it was cool seeing different groups there like FRAG, Hogs of War, and Warhammer 40keggers! I'm a definite for next year and I think most of my group is too.

Friday night BFG! It was awesome seeing these fleets!


  1. Nice seeing you again, we'll have to get in a game next time! Gratz on the award though, :)

    You going to any other big events this year?

    1. yeah definately need to play a game. this year is sparse for me. Maybe a fall event now that my Firefighter convention trip in doubt (wife cann't get time off).

      If I do it will be the midwest massacar maybe. Adepticon plans are in the works for our group too. Also anoth gaming weekend up in Minneapolis this summer.

      I would like to go to FOB. It has been forever since I was out in CO. I used to go out there to ski back in the single days....