Friday, June 1, 2012

Let the Games Begin!!

We are down to the last minute packing before the guys get here and we leave. Off to Omaha we be going for the 2nd Annual Bugeater GT! The army is tucked away in it's new KR Multicase, a sponsor of the BGT. The thing is simply awesome and I'm definately sold on the system.

I'm also bringing down some odds and ends models to sell on friday. They are haveing a "bits" trade and sell day tonight. I hope to unload my Kador Juggies, my Menoth, some daemons, and odds and ends.I'm hoping to pick up a couple of those new fliers too! My 11th company t-shirt also came in the mail, so hopefully it brings me luck on Saturday. Just need to get an Independent Characters one!

Looks like the Railhead Rumble is also this weekend, so good luck to anyone going to either of these two awesome events! And say hi if you are at the Bugeater.

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