Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dark Eldar WIP Vermin Con

Here are some almost finished shots of my scourges and beast pack. Hemonculi is up next while the 2 ravangers get primed. Only 6 days till the tournament so I need to stay motivated!!!

 I plan to use these scourges to saturate targets with poison shots. With 2 cannons and 3 carbines they can put out an impressive 12 cannon shots and 9 carbine, or 8 cannon and 9 carbine if they move. Add in the 4+/6++ they have and 12 inch move, and I think they will be fun to play and very effective.

 This beast pack will be interesting also. Cheap and small, the one pack master has an agonizer. The 5 khymerae provide some 4++ save goodieness. With str 4 and 3 attacks each they look good on paper.

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