Saturday, January 8, 2011

upcoming tournaments and events

Well the holidays are over and now it is time to quite putting off more painting and to hopefully attend some tournaments. Here is a list for the next month and a half I'm looking at attending:

Jan 29th? Vermin Con... 1900 point 40k tournament
I'm looking at this for two reasons. It is very cheap and it would be fun to play some of the guys again. Two, the point level would give me a nice place to try out what ever army I'm going to take to Con of the North in feb. I'm a definate maybe on this one as there are winter water fights also on the same day. Choices!

feb 18-20 Con of the North. 1850 point 40k rtt ( with the best terrain evar!!)
I'm a definate for this. I even took the week off to paint and get ready for it. Ok, I had too use up the vacation before March but it sounds good right?

Feb 27 1500 point 40k rtt at game Shoppe
Problem with this tournie is how close it is to CotN. Good thing about this tournament is now my wife's sister lives a couple blocks from the store and I get brownie points for dumping her at her sisters for the I also like their tournaments and if the only games I'm getting in are at tournaments then I would hate to miss this one.

Next up will be Con of the North tournament list. Will it be Sister's of Battle or Dark Eldar?


  1. Looking forward to seeing you there. Should be fun.

  2. FYI, there is a 1750 Tournament at 31st Century Games in Olathe, KS (Kansas City area) on Feb 5th.