Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Awesome Charity Event!!

Here is all the info on a great event going on down in Omaha, NE January 22nd. I am definately trying to go to this if my work schedule works out! Anyhoo check out the details......

Game Shoppe’s CharityCon 40k "Foodhammer" Rogue Trader Tournament
Sunday, January 22d
Schedule of events:
11:00-11:30     EAT LUNCH BEFORE YOU COME!!     
11:30-12:00     Registration and setup.  Please bring two copies of your army list—RTT
forms will be provided if you do not already have your own.
12:00-12:15     Pre-tournament army inspection and tournament instructions
12:15-2:15       Game #1, paint judging
2:15-2:30         Break, finish paint judging
2:30-4:30         Game #2
4:30-5:15         Dinner break
5:15-7:15         Game #3
7:15-7:30         Break, points tabulation
7:30-7:45         Awards Ceremony

  • Bring a 1750 point army list, using only ONE standard force detachment.
  • We are limited to 20 players.  Entry fee is 10 cans of food (see attached)—first
    20 to show up and turn in their cans and lists play!
  • Only Codex or Chapter Approved army lists will be used.  You may NOT use Experimental army lists,Tyranid monstrosities, super-heavy vehicles or Titans. 
  • Special Characters are allowed.
  • What You See Is What You Get” is in effect—models must reflect what you have
    paid for, and all models MUST be painted (3+ colors to count).  All models must be Citadel Miniatures or Forge World; conversions MUST include a majority of CM or FW components.  Illegal
    or unpainted models WILL be removed from the table
    . (ALTHOUGH see next page for exceptions)
  • Pleasebring your codices/CA material to answer opponent’s concerns on composition and
    special rules, as well as all needed game materials (dice, rulers, pencils, etc).
  • Only 5th Edition rules and Chapter Approved/FAQ/Q+A clarifications will be used.
  • See special Foodhammer rules below.

Prizes (note that you can only win one category):
Overall – the player with the highest point total (Battle Points, Sportsmanship Points, Army Selection, and Army Appearance).
Best Sportsman – the player with the highest Sportsmanship score.
Best Army – the player with the highest combined Selection and Appearance Score. If there is a tie, person with the higher Sportsmanship score wins.
Best Army Appearance – the player with the highest Appearance score.  If there is a tie, person with the higher Sportsmanship score wins.

FOODHAMMER:  A Charity Tournament to benefit the Bellevue Food Pantry

Entry Donation: 10 canned goods.

Further canned goods may be donated to buy “in game” Rerolls (see below).
All donations will be counted at the start of the event, and “tickets” given out for each can donated. These can be spent in-game for a variety of effects.
1 Can:
  • Reroll a Single To Hit die, To Wound die, Save die, or Psychic Test die.
2 Cans:
  • Reroll a Failed Leadership Roll (both dice).
5 Cans:
  • Reroll your own Flee or Pursuit Roll. Every subsequent time in the same player-turn this is attempted, the cost doubles (i.e. 2nd:  10 Cans, 3rd: 20 cans, 4th: 40 cans).
  • Reroll a Scatter Die and/or distance dice.
  • Reroll an Artillery Die.
  • Reroll dice that indicates the number of multiple wounds taken.
  • Reroll a Strength, Toughness, or Initiative Test.
10 Cans:
  • Reroll your own Set-Up Roll, or who goes first Roll. Once per player.
  • Reroll the 4+ Die to see if a judgment call (rules or measuring, etc) goes your way or not.
  • Reroll ANY other roll not specified above (Special Attacks, etc).
20 Cans:
  • Allows you to use unpainted or non-WYSIWYG'd models.  Gives even an unpainted force gets an     Appearance Score of 12!
General Can Reroll Rules:
  • Using Can tickets to Reroll a Reroll IS allowed.  Subsequent reroll throws must pay the     surcharge listed.
  • Where the cost is “per die” the player picks only and exactly what dice will be rerolled in a single throw.  ONLY these type of rerolls can be used to reroll your own dice OR your Opponent’s – others can only reroll YOUR dice.
  • Every subsequent time in the same player-turn the same TYPE of reroll is attempted (i.e. per each bulleted item above), the cost is doubled (i.e. 1 can to 2 cans then 4 cans, then 8 cans; 5 to 10 to 20 to 40).
  • These reroll buys must be used AFTER all rerolls from ANY game effects (psychic powers, wargear, etc, that allow rerolls) have been used.

Guidelines on Canned Goods:
  • Within every 10 cans you donate, please do not have more than 3 cans of the same thing. So do not show up with 100 cans of cream corn that cost you 25 cents each. Protein canned goods are especially needed.
  • Please bring extra boxes if you have them, so it’s easier for us to collect and deliver the cans.

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