Thursday, January 26, 2012

SM Vulcan List for CotN

I decided to take a break from painting my Crimson Fists for a few minutes and thought I would throw my list for Con of the North up for review. Con of the North is a three game classic RTT style tournament with super beautiful terrain and armies to match.

This year I will be playing taking my Crimson Fists. I normally run all kinds of Pedro lists but I wanted to try something different this time. While it probably is the most common SM list, I had never tried a Vulcan list out. I really wanted to try out some Land Speeder Storms also, so this combo seemed like a good choice.

The list:  1850 points

Forgemaster Vidal Heras- aka counts as Vulcan Hestan

5 thunder hammer terminators
Land Raider Redeemer w/ MM

Ironclad Dreadnought w/ HF
Drop Pod

10 man Tactical Squad- flamer, MM,
Razorback w/ twin lascannon

5 man Tactical Squad- combi flamer
Razorback w/ twin lascannon

5 Scouts- combi melta, 4 ccw/bp

5 Scouts- combi melta, 4 ccw/bp

Landspeeder Storm w/ MM

Landspeeder Storm w/ MM

Landspeeder w/ MM and HF

Vindicator w/ siege shield

Vindicator w/ siege shield

I'm looking forward to playing 2 of these bad boys!

List Thoughts:

I idea I had here was I wanted to be able to be in my opponents face turn one. The scout move on the speeders with the scouts will allow me to support the Dread dropping near them. This gives me the potential to pop 5 vehicles turn one before the opponent gets to move. The scouts also have Krak grenades and can assault vehicles also. This pressure will hopefully let my vindi's and LR get to middle by turn 2 unscathed.

With the pressure on a flank of the enemy, the rest of my force is designed to move to the middle and control the board. Two vindicators and a land raider redeemer should be a problem for most armies. More so if they lost alot of their rides, if my alpha strike sees some success. The 2 razorbacks will lend long range support and hopefully clean up any "tough" targets missed.

If I go second, I have the option to outflank, or just set up behind cover and play a reactive game like I normally do.

If playing a "hoard" style army, I will choose the more reactive style and focus fire on maybe a refused flank. I do have enough template weapons and twin linked flamers to put huge holes in their army. I do not expect to see green tide up in Minneapolis though as they are less common up there.

Well there is my list and thoughts behind it. I like the number of troops and I'm in love with the idea of alpha striking some vehicles. My toughest match ups while playing Marines was always Tau and IG. With a good first turn, I hope to get across the board faster vs them. Even if my initial force of scouts and dread die, I hope the distance and time gained for my Hammer force will allow me to strike the death blow turn 2-3.

I have not see anyone use Landspeeder Storms so I'm very curious to see them in action. Any comments, advise, or criticism is welcome as this list has not seen the table yet. I'm hoping to get a game in in two weeks and writeup a battle report on it too.


  1. I saw you at the tournament at misty a while back. (iceberg) I was the Deathwing player. I was very impressed with your paint.

    I like the list! I have yet to see Land Speeder Storms in action, but I like how you have them set up, and how you are keeping it fluffy with Scouts in your Fists army.

    There is only a slight recommendation I would make. Maybe drop the MM/HF Speeder and either A. Fill out your terminator squad. A lot of points yes, but scary. or B. Round your Troops off. I would increase the squad size of the 5 man tac to 10. This will help you in objectives. Do you struggle with seize ground style missions with this list currently?

    Anyway, I like the site, and keep up the good painting!

    Feel free to check out our little "page" on facebook. (Frozen North Gaming Club)

    See you at CotN,


  2. Thanks for the comments. I remember your army too and was glade I did not have to face it. J/K Termie armies scare me.

    The speeder was the last thing I added to the list, along with the lascannon turrets on the razorbacks. The bad thing about the redeemer is it only holds 6 termies, I think, no codex in front of me. I plan on putting my Vulcan counts as in with them. I also had a librarian in the list too but dropped it for the speeder plus a turret. The jury is still out on that choice.

    I could bulk up my 5 man tac squad but I'm already at 4 troop choices and 5 scoring units with combat squads. This is the most I have ever run in a 1850 list, so I think I will be ok their. I'm not sure 5 marines brings more to the table than the speeder. Especially since I'm running razorbacks with them.

    I'm looking forward to the Storms. I have not used them yet as they are still on the painting table. They were the first thing in the list, everything else was added to make them "work".

    Going now to "like" your page and can't wait to talk shop and hang out at CotN!


  3. Ah yes, I forgot that the Redeemer has a smaller capacity than the Crusader.

    In the end it matters what you feel more comfortable with. I usually bulk up my troops a little to make them more resiliant, I find my self happy to have a couple extra for those long capture and control missions when they take so much fire. But Land Speeder defenitly has its advantages as well!

    Also, I talked to a guy at the Source today. In May they are putting on a 50 man, 1850, GT tournament on the state fair grounds. No official date or sign up yet. Just in case you're interested you may want to give them a call in March or April to find out.

  4. Woot about the Source! Thanks for the heads up, I definately will have to check it out. I'm already going to the Bugeater GT in omaha June 1st so hopefully the timing will be a little apart.

    That was a reason I am missing the Darkstar GT. My wife and I always make the trip up for Con of the North, so I had to choose.

    As far as the list, I'm hoping to get over to a buddies house to test it soon. He is a great player and is on the IC podcast. Hopefully we can do a good job of picking it apart. I'll put up a report on how it goes after too.