Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Crimson Fist Paintathon!

WIP Wednesday is back! The holidays and a store remodel at work killed my free time and a fried computer didn't help either. This week I made great progress towards my Con of the North Crimson fists list. I'm also soaking 14ish sisters of battle in simple green.

So onward to the WIP pictures and a review of this week...

I have quite a bit of stuff to get painted before we leave for Con of the North February 17th. I'm running a Vulcan counts as list with scouts and storms.

 Here is the list of models needed;

Vulcan- based on the techmarine.
2x scout sargents with combi meltas
1 vindicator- build but needed to be painted
2x land speeder storms- unassembled
1 MM marine- unassembled
2x razorback lascannon turrets- unassembled

A fair amount of things needed to be completed going into this week for me to stay on a pace to finish in time.

 I completed my Vulcan counts as. Got him assembled and painted. I just need to finish and attach him to the base.

My scouts are converted. I had to strip one, so he just got primed today. The other is through the base coat and wash of blues.

I finish vindicator number 2 for my army. I painted it a couple months after the first one and was pleased they match pretty closely in style and paint colors. I had run out of storm blue but luckily found another pot hiding in my paints. Once it is gone, it maybe the end of reiforcments for the Fists.

I got the razorback turrets assembled and primed.

The Land Speeder Storms are assembled and primed now. They were a great kit to assemble. Alot more detailed than the regular speeders. I need to finish one of these by the end of this week to stay on time.

Other news:

This week looks like work will dominate my time. I still hope to finish Storm #1 but beyond that, my hopes are fading. I hope to get my only practise game in in two weeks at a buddies house. It maybe the only practise I get with the army before the con. If I am able to attend MageCon spring, and their is a 40k tournament, I will take the same list. Sisters of Battle are a priority once CotN is over if I want to take them to the Bugeater GT next June. I also will look at the space wolf codex. I have 30 terminators in my old marine army and I might be able to use them in a Loganwing list. This would help me from getting burned out on Fists while the SoB are being stripped and repainted.

I'm also going to order the 25th anniversary model friday (payday). At $33 it is alot, but I will kick my self if I let a special edition Crimson Fist model escape my collection. I'm also looking for the CF tall statue they sold 8-9 years ago.

The Bugeater GT looks to have some cool prise support with Fantasy games returning and now KR Multicase joining the list! This is going to be a great year for 40k players with new codexes and a new edition. That's all I have for my 2 cents, and as always comments are welcome.

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