Wednesday, January 4, 2012

News Flash...Minneapolis version!

old location.

Not really breaking news as this quote was dated December 13th, but for us down south that love me a Source trip, this might be of note.

Quote from a Minneapolis Message Board....
"I'd seen a reference a week or two back in one of The Source's email newsletters that referred to "some of the rumors you might have heard about The Source being true" but it didn't elaborate. I guess we know the answer now...

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The Source is Moving
Posted by: "Michael Miller"
Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:58 pm (PST)

This is quoted from a user on BGG, but it has been posted other places
as well:

The Source is moving to a bigger better space in 2012!! They were going
to keep it quiet until after the holidays, but the landlord threw up a
big FOR LEASE sign on the building, scaring everyone who walked in the
door yesterday. [Friday - MJM]

Sometime in early 2012, they will be moving down the road to the old
Title Wave/Hollywood Video space across from Har Mar and next to
McDonald's (the same building as Erik's Bike Shop.) Looks like that
they'll have the ability to run simultaneous large events and have a
beautiful store to boot. This is great news to anyone who loved the
events The Source runs, but hates being stuffed in that awkward back
area with 75 other people.

Thought you all might want to know. smile.gif

End quote...
Also in Twin Cities news is Adeptus Minneapolis Game club. According to thier forums they are no more. Evidently membership had fallen and they decided to hang it up in January. Hopefully something new will spring up or what members thay had can find new clubs. It was a good run, and I drink this beer to you Adeptus Minneapolis gamerguys!!

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