Friday, February 24, 2012

Con of the North RTT report!

My Crimson Fist at CotN 2012.

Con of the North provided us yet another awesome RTT last Sunday. With 2 players short of a full 32 spots, 2 guys partied and over slept, it made for a large a diverse field. Of note was the missing IG and SW armies! Necrons definitely made their appearance and several others like Nids and Deathwing did too.

Below I will write up a brief of all three of my games and throw up pictures of most of the armies. I took pictures of every one's but some of them would not transfer over to Picasa.

My list...

Forgemaster Vidal Heras- aka counts as Vulcan Hestan

5 thunder hammer terminators
Land Raider Redeemer w/ MM

Ironclad Dreadnought w/ HF
Drop Pod

10 man Tactical Squad- flamer, MM,
Razorback w/ twin lascannon

5 man Tactical Squad
Razorback w/ twin lascannon

5 Scouts- combi melta, 4 ccw/bp

5 Scouts- combi melta, 4 ccw/bp

Landspeeder Storm w/ MM

Landspeeder Storm w/ MM

Landspeeder w/ MM and HF

Vindicator w/ siege shield

Vindicator w/ siege shield

Sunday game one was the first time I played the list at 1850. I had used some units in my 1000 point team games the week before, but not the whole list together. While this list was very good, I could have done better with some practice. There are some supple tactics in this list and I missed a couple early.

GAME 1 vs NIDS, Justin Hayna

Justin is a very nice guy who made the trip up 6 hours from Chicago. Unfortunately for him, my army matches up very well vs his. Justin was running old Nids. They had 2 old screamer carnafexes, old warriors, three units of genestealers , hommagaunts, a hive tyrant with guard, flying warriors, and a termagant brood. I was running Vulcan with enough flamers and melta to make it a bad day for him.

Turn one I killed off both carnifexes and put a couple wounds on the hive tyrant and a guard. I flamered one squad of stealers to almost death and assaulted what was left plus another brood. I easily won combat wiping out one unit and killing the other down to 2 models. He assaulted my with horrmigaunts, flying warriors, and is just out of range of his Tyrant. I make a ton of saves, win combat, and wipe out most of his stuff. It crushes his armies back and that was pretty much the game.

We play it out, and Justin was an awesome sport. I know how it sucks when things are not going well. I picked up the win and 16 battle points.

GAME 2 vs Grey Knights, Bryce Alexander

This game was awesome from the moment I got to the table! It all goes back to CotN 2011 last year. I played Bryce in a pickup game Saturday night. It was a very fun and close game which I won. The next day at the RTT I was paired up vs Bryce and we played our second game in 24 hours with the same lists. He won the rematch.

Fast forward to 2012. He is now playing GK and I'm playing my Crimson Fists, but it still feels like a rematch! Bryce was running Mordrack and teminators with a librarian. The game was kill points, objectives, and kill the highest point unit/vehicle. I easily controlled the objectives with my Storms with scouts and it was very close on kill points. We both killed the highest point unit. The game came down to his Libby and Mordrack getting shot by a lascannon, if he makes his 5++ save, he wins kill points, I win objectives and we tie. If he dies, we tie 4-4 on kill points and I win with objectives.

He rolled a 6!!

Great game, as I laughed, cried and smiled my way to a draw. 10 points to me.

Game 3 vs Deathwing, Jorrell Rohan

Funny thing about this game is Jorrell just wrote a report on the DarkStar GT for me. Then we get to play each other! AWESOMESAUCE!

Jorrell was playing Deathwing with missiles. This is a tough match up for me if he spreads out and watches what my vindicators can hit. of course he does just that. The mission was table quarters, kill points for units at half or more, and HQ with in 3 inches of the middle.

To control the middle, I raced there and hoped my vindi's would be threatening enough to push him back. It works and he hangs back and tries to just out shoot me. My armour holds up and this was his biggest mistake. If he would have charged right at me, he would have won by turn 4. Instead he hung back till it was too late in turn 4. He still had a good chance, even after I threw Vulcan and my termies into his lines, but I was winning quarters, and he was wining kill points. The middle was where it would be decided, so I thought.

That's when my wife came up to me and told me our laptop had been stolen out of our room. The front desk would not call the police, and my buddy Zach had forfeited his game on the #1 table. We were in the bottom of turn 6, and I knew the game had to end. I needed to take care of real life stuff. Jorrell knew too and gave me an awesome solution. He said to go back to the way it was at the end of 5 and call it. It made the game a draw when he was going to get the forfeit win from me. It was a very cool thing to do, and not many would do that for a guy. He also watched my stuff while I left to handle the police and front desk. Clay McCarty might have won Best Sportsman, but Jorrell deserved it!

Hopefully I can get him to write up his CotN experience!

So after getting the laptop issues handle the best I could, I went back for the awards. The Tau player that was playing Zach the last game won Best Overall. Clay got Best Sportsman, and Zach picked up a surprise Best Appearance award. I went 1-0-2 for the day but finished in 6th only 7 points out of first! Zach bested me by one point finishing 2-1-0 and took 5th. Overall I'm happy with the list. It is easily the best list I have made with my marines. With practice I could do well, in my opinion. I finished in a good spot maybe one 5++ roll away from first. I met some great guys and had probably the best 3 games in a tournament ever! Now I will leave you with a bunch of army pictures. Some did not load into picasa, and maybe missing.


  1. Great write up bud! Been pretty busy with family stuff since the con. I should be able to send you my 2 cents (pun!) this week. I hope the police at least followed up on the case for you!

  2. Not seeing much help there, but understandable really. We did replace the computer and it arrived Friday! The lack of servise from the hotel was the most distressing thing about it.