Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday; Bases and Sargents

This week saw me getting some good work done on my Crimson Fists for Con of the North. With less than 2 weeks before we head to the great white north of Saint Paul, MN, The list is shrinking what remains to be painted......

This week I finished up the bases for all the models I will need. I always forget to schedule time to do bases, and with the resin bases, they are like a separate model themselves. Here are a couple shots of my speeder bases.

Next weekend we are heading up to UBG (universal bits and games) a new game store up in Sioux Falls, SD. This trip is dictating what I painted this last weekend. I want to try out my list and to do that I needed to get my scout sargents done. I'm pretty happy with the color scheme and very happy I am able to reproduce it with ease.

This picture was taken before washing the cloth areas.

I also worked on my 2 razorback's lascannon turrets. I had spare time while waiting for the washes to dry.

This leaves the 2 Land Speeder Storms and their crews for this week and next. With a couple days off coming up, I hope I can punch out one completely and get a good start on the second

Well that's all I have for last week. I'm hoping to bring the camera up for this weekends bash in Sioux Falls and maybe get some pictures up on the blog. I also need to sit down and write my thoughts up for my army's fluff too. I have a cool story floating around in my head and just need to get it on paper. As always comment are welcome down below.


  1. what does monkey sound like when being eaten by a lion??

  2. crunch crunch crunch just like those silly crimson fist of yours when they again meet the daemon host.