Thursday, February 16, 2012

The season of Faith and Fire is here!

Change is always happening, and this blog is no exception. For the last year and a half, I have focused on my Crimson Fists. I have documented most of the painting of the army and several lists and tournaments they have played in. This weekends Con of the North RTT will mark the last unit I need to paint for them and one of the last tournaments I will be playing them in for awhile.

This also means the begining of the repainting of my Sisters of Battle Order and a new chapter in tactics and articles for this blog. These are exciting times as I believe the Sisters are a very good army, and I hope to prove it. So with 70 models to strip and repaint, 4 rhino chasis to build, and 9 vehicles to touch up, this is a big project to finish by June 1st.

So grab a seat, get the popcorn ready, and hang on! Change is good right?


  1. Good Luck on the SoB. I play them currently (although I don't get to play in general very much). My local spot is FFG EC. If you ever want to get together and just generally talk about the army let me know (can just post below this comment).

    They are an army with many missing options, but the individuals units are fairly decent or good on their own.

    I'm going to be checking back for more articles. If nothing else just to see what someone else comes up with.

    1. Cool, I love having someone to bounce ideas off of. There has been some good talk on Dakka too about SoB. Looks like the won a couple local rtts and a 3rd place (lost last game) in a large rtt overseas.

      I think they are alot better than people give credit for. It's just no one is playng them.

      As far as options, they are limited, BUT they have all the tools needed to win. IMO