Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bugeater Crimson Fist 1850 list

June is fast approaching which means my final army list is almost due for the Bugeater. I have an idea of what I want to run, but it is including a new unit plus an additional razorback. I am just worried. I'll summit the list, and then fail to finish the models. Well maybe I'm 90% sure I'll finish the models, but there is doubt.

The new Bugeater list is based on my recent experience at Misty Mountain. While somethings work well, my list seemed to need just a little umph vs HtH assault type armies. In particular it was the all terminator Deathwing. For this list, I'm giving up a missile launcher, melta gun, and a potential 5 man scoring unit, for a twin linked heavy bolter razorback, and a 3 man honor guard, who can put out 13 base power weapon attacks with Pedro nearby. This unit is not suppose to be the end all killy unit but, a helper to my termies. I will still count on my Ironclad and 5 assault terminators to do the heavy lifting.

I do also loose my Ironclad's drop pod. I will miss this flexibility, but having a 3rd hand to hand unit will be a greater boon. So here is the new list as it stands today. I plan on working on it tonight, and finalizing it tomorrow since we will be camping this weekend and there will be no hobbying.

Pedro Kantor

Librarian with Null Zone and Force Dome

3 honor guard- razorback

10 man tactical squad- missile launcher, melta, sarg with powerfist, razorback

5 man tactical squad- sarg with power weapon, razorback

10 sternguard- 2x melta, 3x combi melta, 2x combi plasma, sarg with lightning claw, razorback

Ironclad dreadnought- stormbolter, melta, seismic hammer

5 assault terminators- 2 th/ss, 3 lc

3x predators- autocannon, lascannon sponsons

After writing my list up, I decided the powerfist was wasted on a five man squad for 25 points. Changing this to a power weapon allowed me to add a combi melta and 2 combi plasmas to my sternguard. I also changed my Librarian's power from Avenger to Force Dome. I think the added ap1 and ap2 shots, plus the ability to put a 5++ on the unit the Librarian is in will, be a greater help than one 2 attack powerfist.

I'll be working more on the list tonight after my daughter's softball games. That's my 2 cents for now.

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