Thursday, May 19, 2011

Misty Mountain RTT Missions

One of many tables at Misty Mountain. I played on this table game 2.

Last weekend I made the 4 hour drive up to Misty Mountain in Burnsville, MN. It was a 2000 point, 3 game tournament that cost $15 to enter. They hade prizes for placing and a added bonus I had not seen anywhere else. You got free drinks all day with you entry fee. This was very nice, come round 2 when I was feeling parched and downed a couple gatorades. Very nice small touch.

They were also using scenarios that were derived from Adepticon 2011. I found them challenging and very fun to play. While I made misstakes in games 1 and 3, I never felt the scenario beat me. I liked them so much I want to post them up and discus them here, in the hopes of other tournaments adopting them.

Mission 1.

Mission one was titled "Hog Pile".

Overview- Its been a long set of battles, but this is the big one. This here bit in the middle is the best spot to be, we get this we win, well probably.

Deployment Zones- dawn of war. It was table halves.

Set up- one objective in the middle of the table. (objectives were provided for every table)

Rules- Nothing funny.

Primary- Have the largest percentage of your starting amount of scoring models within 12" of the middle objective. If player A has 24 scoring models, with 15 within 12" of the center objective, and player B has 30 scoring models, with 15 within 12" of the center objective, then player A wins this.

Secondary- Who ever killed the highest percentage of opposition's models wins this objective.

Teriary- Kill points.

Tactical Bonus Points
+1 If you have a reserve unit that did not make it onto the table.
+1 If you have wounded the opposition's most expensive HQ unit
+1 If you have killed all of the opposition's troop choices

Special Rules

Ok, that is the mission. To win the game you had to win more objectives than your opponent. IE if you won the primary and the tertiary, and he won the secondary, you won 2-1. I loved how you pick the objectives you needed to win. Foe example if I had brought my Sister's of batlle with all those kill points, I could have concentrated on the other 2 objectives. It also meant there was more information you had to keep track of while playing. While I'm liking this system at first, I would like to play a couple other tournaments to make sure before I label this "the be all end all".

So my first game I tried to kill as much of the enemy as possible and just contest the middle if possible. I thought the secondary and tertiary complimented each other, and this was the key to winning. Unfortunately, I could not over come my bad deployment choice, and bad positioning on turn 1. Still, I liked this scenario.

Mission 2- "New and Improved Greased-up Deaf Guy"

Overview- You all remember the Greased-up Deaf Guy, or maybe have heard rumors about him. Well so did the folks at GW, and they made him  the first objective of their second mission in next weeks Fantasy Ard Boyz.

Deployment- Standard stuff, 12" board edge, you know the drill.

Primary- Capture the crazed fanatic.

Secondary- Kill points.

Tertiary- Have your most expensive HQ survive.

Tactical Bonus Points
+1 If you have wounded all of the opposition's HQ units.
+1 If all opposing troop choices are destroyed or fleeing.
+1 If all opposing Heavy Support units are destroyed or fleeing.

Special Rulez

Crazed Fanatic- Place a token in the center of the table to represent the "crazed fanatic". At the start of each player's turn the fanatic will move 3d6 in a random direction if he is not held captive. During his movement, any unit that he passes through will take d6 strength 6 hits.  TO ruled vehicles stopped his movement but walkers took hits like a unit. Terrain also stops his movement.
  In order to capture the fanatic, a unit must end thier movement on top of him. That unit immediately takes 2d6 strenght 6 hits, and must pass a strenght test to secure him. If you pass and capture him, he will move with the unit but can not enter vehicles. The fanatic will get away if the unit flees or is destroyed.
  The fanatic treats all terrain as open for movement, but will stop at impassible terrain. The fanatic will not leave the table but will stop at the edge.

Ok, lots of text there but it was very easy to run the fanatic. I found this a very fun game and almost got tabled while trying to get the fanatic, hiding Kantor, and shooting everything into my opponents HQ unit. He killed me on KP but I eliminated his HQ and secured the fanatic. Win 2-1.

Mission 3- "It's Some Stuff We All Want"

Overview- Slog, slog, fight, fight, kill, kill.....There's a spot that we want, and the other guy wants it too.

Deployment Zones- Table Quarters

Set Up- Place one objective in the center of the board, determine deployment quarters, then place an objective in the middle of each table quarter that is NOT a deployment zone.

Rules- Objective control is normal, just like it is written in the rule book. No funny business, I promise....

Primary- Control more objectives than the other guy.

Secondary- Kill the opposition's most expensive HQ unit, or have it fleeing at the end of the game.

Tertiary- "Stack 'em like cord wood" Who ever has killed the highest percentage of the opposition's models wins this objective.

Tactical Bonus Points
+1 If you control at least one objective.
+1 If your most expensive HQ is still alive.
+1 Your opponent has no elite choices remaining in play.

Special Rules- Absolutely none.

I liked this one also. I went for objectives and figured I would try to kill as much as possible. I figured I woul look out for a HQ kill opertunity also.

So what do you think of having 3 different win conditions? Personally I find it more of a challenge and helps eliminate scenarios from "crowning winner" and handicaping other armies. They used a modified battle point system with each "objective" being wurth a set points. So it did matter how many objectives you accomplished.

They also had a very basic sportsmanship scoring with it being Y/N on these questions. Was your oppent prepared to play? Was you opponent fun? Was your opponents army painted? There was a couple others, and at the end you chose your favorite opponent also.

Overall this was a very fun tournament, with a nice store. They had a nice selection of GW, PP, and Reaper. They also had a large Magic tournament going on at the same time. They had a ton of space, with plenty of tables to use. I will be watching for more of their RTTs and will be driving up for them.

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