Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Display Board

My first display board.

Today I'm launching my project display board 2011. I want to make A board that is a little sharper than my first one pictured above. Basically I'm hoping to improve on the basing material, up the quality of the frame, and match the basing of my better. I'm also looking for an easy fast way to do boards also.

Stone primer test.

Here is a shot of a base board I sprayed with some Rust-oleum American Accents Stone. My goal was to find a primer that looked and felt like stone. Then all I would have to do is add flock and some other features.

I really liked how this covered. Basically after 2-3 passes the board was looking good. I think this is a fast an easy way to do basing boards for terrain. Especially ruins.

I was also thinking of incorporating some of these to give my display board a ruined building theme without adding height. If I really use ruins, then the board will be alot harder to transport without damage.

I found my board at OfficeMax. It ran me around $35 but you can get cheaper ones from Walmart for around $10-$15. I wanted a real wood frame to spiff it up.

I think if I go with the stone primer color and green static grass, I need to add some brown rock/dirt areas too. This will tie in the three color elements on my bases. I also have some off-white stone colored statue stuff on some bases, so I might do some kind of ruin statues on the display board to tie it in. The gray stone color should also help my bases pop as the gray is not the major color on them.

Next post I'll look to spray the board and get the first terrain pieces on it.

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