Friday, May 13, 2011

Trip Time!

Friday 13th and blogger is back up....I had a couple articles to put up but they will have to wait till Monday now. The reason they have to wait is I'm heading up north to Misty Mountain Games in Minneapolis MN. ( ) They have a local 2000 point RTT this Saturday and I'm pumped to throw down my Crimson Fists for their first games.

Here are some pictures of the finished army. The pictures were taken at night so the lighting is bad,but they will have to do till I have my friend take some more professional looking ones.

Pedro Kantor and Librarian Brayden John.

Tactical squad #1 with squad razorback.

Tactical squad #2 lead by 4th Company Captain Cortez.

Terminator assault squad, element of the first crusade company.

Brother Daban and Brother Soto of the crusade company.

Custom Sterguard conversions.

Brother Barcena and his drop pod.

Well that's all till Monday. We will see if I can get battle reports up and a good break down of the armies up north. I'm also going to look at Battle Foam bags and get some ideas for my new display board I'm starting.


  1. These look incredible! Nicely painted sir!

  2. Thanks. Alot of the credit for keeping me motivated and painting goes to The Independent Characters podcast. I spent many hours painting to yours and several other podcasts.