Friday, May 27, 2011

Crimson Fists WIP shots

Ok we got blown out in the softball game tonight, so lets salvage the night with some model assembly. I'm going to add 3 new models to my 10 man sternguard squad, so I got the torsos put together. I'm adding a combi melta, and 2x combi plasmas.

Also pictured in the bottom row is my veteran sargent that will replace the powerfist sargent in tactical squad #2.

On the top row was my 3 new Honor Guard.  I liked these and may add only a couple more bits. I also need to drill out the pistols before I prime them up.

I'm going to wait on sending my army list in to the Bugeater, as I found out they don't need it till the 10th of June. Thats all for this week. My family and I are going camping for the weekend so that last razorback will have to wait till Monday.

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