Friday, May 6, 2011

Repetition and Redundancy, a very good 3++ article.

While touring the internet today, I came across this nice article. I really liked the breakdown it did on your army and what repetition and redundancy really are.

Ok back? I think redundancy in competitive lists is a must in today's environment. With out it, you run the risk of good players simply neutralizing you list in one or two turns. Having multiple units that can accomplish the same missions means you can stay in the fight longer and neutralize your opponents army.

Using the breakdown chart from Kirby's blog, my 2000 point Crimson Fists list looks like so.

Light armour - predators, melta/missile tactical squad, mm speeder, Dread, termies, sternguard

Heavy armour - melta sternguard, melta tacticals, termies, ironclad, mm speeder

Horde - HB razors, HB speeder, sternguard, HF speeder,

MCs - predators, meltas, mm speeder

Influence enemy movement and deployment - DP Ironclad

Longevity - termies, 13 armour preds

So it looks like I'm light on influencing enemy movement and deployment. Mostly deployment as I can move forward with melta razorbacks and control mid board. Some kind of scouts would go along ways for my force. Infiltrating or outflanking would be handy. I could drop some speeders and take scouts or a storm. Bike scouts with melta bombs are a unit I have been thinking of running also.

Here is my current 2000 point list for reference as of 5-5-11.

Pedro Kantor
Librarian with null, and machine curse

Ironclad dreadnought with Drop pod
Assault terminators, 3 LC, 2 TH/SS
10 Sternguard- 2 melta, 2 combi melta, LC sarg with melta bomb, Ass can razorback

10 tactical marines- missile launcher, melta, PF sarg, HB razorback
10 tactical marines- missile launcher, melta, PF sarg, HB razorback

HB/HB speeder
MM/HF speeder

Predator- auto/las
Predator- auto/las
Predator- auto/las

Predators 1 &2 Crimson Fists.

I am spamming Predators, but my list has the hidden redundancy in the other units. I feel the predators are more of a distraction for some of my other units. If my opponent spends his resources killing them and ignores the rest then I feel I will win. I have other units that can take over the predator's role of anti-tank. If he ignores the predators, he runs the risk of them decimating his forces.

Horde lists are a different story. The lack of horde lists in tournaments, plus the other elements in my force (HB Razors/speeders), means the predators are not the biggest threat. Tank shocking and blocking will have to be their main use in those games.

Well there's my 2 cents for now.

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