Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super Summer of Movies kickoff is almost here!

Friday is the kickoff of what Brayden (my son) and I are calling "Super Summer of Movies". We have been watching the previews of some of these and are really looking forward to seeing them. Not since LOTR and Star Wars have I been this excited about a summer full of movies I want to see. The best part is my little boy is a comic book movie junkie and this summer has plenty for him to see.

First on our list is Thor this Friday.

Next up on the list is Pirates of the Caribbean on May 20th.

I have liked all of their movies and Jack... I'm sorry Capt Jack Sparrow is one of the coolest characters.

June 3rd we will definitely be off to Xmen First Class. Brayden and I love Magneto!

Later that month The Green Lantern comes out on the 17th of June.

July 1st will be all about Bumble Bee and Transformers 3. Previews look good, and this will be a good 4th of July type movie.

And finally on July 22nd we will see Captain America; The First Avenger.

Wow, what a summer it will be. I will probably be spending my winter going to sappy movies with my wife to make up for it. It really looks like they are spaced out perfectly too. None of them come out on the same weekends and they look to be about 2 weeks apart, give or take.

So grab the popcorn and soda, get your tickets and enjoy the awesome ride! It is definitely going to be LEGEN......wait for it..........DARY!

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