Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1500 points of what?

Sunday there is a rtt up in Minneapolis at the former Misty Mountain store. I have thought about going up for it, but it is at a weird point limit, 1500. I don't mind playing 1500, but my Fists are really build for 1750+.

So I have 2 decisions to make, do I go and if so what army do I play. So this article will be about me simply thinking out load.

First up is my Crimson Fists............


This is my best painted army. I would have the best chance at a painting award and would score the the most points towards overall with it.
They are marines!! It may be the best army to take for playability.


I have been playing them pretty straight for 3 months now. They were built for 1850-2000 points and some of my options and units are very expensive.
1500 points tend to favor armies that can do more with less. All the fat has to be trimmed away.

Sister's of Battle


They scale down pretty well with some of the best units. I have a pretty good 1500 sister's list made for that level.
Last chance to play them before the WD codex...........
I really want to run an anti-GK army.


They are sister's and I kind of want to play a hand to hand army. 
If I play sister's, they have to go light-mech heavy and some of the Grey Knights going look very bad for them.

Dark Eldar


Well I think they could be tough.
I could play a hand to hand force with them.
I have not played them in the new codex.


They maybe going on the ebay block.
I have never played them.
Needs some TLC on the models.

So maybe I should just put up a three lists with maybe a poll. Look tomorrow for the lists.

My 2 cents.........

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