Friday, July 8, 2011

The "Pedro Bubble" list, what is it?

Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fists.

The Pedro Bubble list, you have probably never heard of it. I'm not surprised, since Pedro is looked at as the second or third best choice for special characters in the space marine codex. Most would rank Vulcan and even Lysander ahead of the Crimson Fist's chapter master. What people over look is Pedro's +1 attack bubble and what it can do to certain units.

First off what is even in a Pedro list vs what you want for the bubble list? A normal Pedro list will run alot of Sternguard and take advantage of the fact Pedro make them scoring. Sternguard are good for a Bubble list, but you do not want to run them in all three slots of you elites.

Pedro reminds me of certain magic cards (goblins and elves). By them selves, they are over priced or just sort of meh. Add Pedro and they start looking nasty.

Units I'm thinking of running in the Bubble:

Assault Terminators- These guys are good anyways, add an extra attack to each guy and they kill hordes dead. Lightning claws look really sick at 5 attacks each on the charge in Pedro's bubble.

Sternguard- Wait you said not for a bubble list. Not 3 units of them, one unit brings very good utility to the army with combi weapons and another scoring unit with 3 attacks each in the bubble. My unit has a sarg with twin lightning claws for 5 attacks on the charge.

Honor Guard- Who are these guys? Pedro allows you to take Honor Guard. For 115 points, you get 3 guys that put out 16 power weapon attacks on the charge in the bubble. Yes please. They are also a HQ slot that doesn't take up a slot. This is important as alot of good stuff is in the elite section.

Ironclad Dreadnought- Armour 13 and 3 base attacks due to the 2 dreadnought powerfists. That's 5 attacks on the charge in the bubble and a nasty dreadnought to have to deal with in close combat. He gives the army a tool for those ork nob bikers and thunderwolf calvary.

Command Squads- These guys put out the attacks like everyone else. They also can be customized how you need them to be and feel no pain is pretty good. If you have a captain as the second HQ, I would look at these guys.

Vanguard Veterans- A base squad of these is 125 points for 20 regular attacks and 5 power weapon attacks on the charge in the bubble. The ability to take other options or leave them plain, makes them very interesting.

Scouts with combat blades- I'm thinking of these guys with camo cloaks for holding objectives. With the extra attacks from the combat blades, they could help assault in a pinch. Maybe a storm to help move around.

Assault Squads- Three attacks in the bubble and four on the charge, makes these guys a good option in that fast attack slot.

Legion of the Damned- A base of 2 attacks, and the ability to move and shoot a multi melta makes this squad an interesting choice. 3++ is also an interesting thing to hold up other hammer units.

The idea for squads is you are looking for high attack type units with hand to hand abilities. Your army will be moving forward to stay near the bubble and must perform their job on the run. Next time I will go more in depth on units roles and how it all ties together.

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