Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ard Boyz List Theory: Dual Landraiders

Picture property of Bols.

I'm sitting here tonight fleshing out my Ard Boyz list for next month. Right now I would like to run a dual Landraider list. I have a few reasons for wanting to run the "golden eggs".

Currently I'm developing a "Pedro Bubble" list. The list benefits from getting across the table and getting to grips with the enemy. If I'm on my side shooting, I'm not using Pedro's +1 attack bubble effectively. My list is using terminators and what better way to get them into the thick than Landraiders!

I noticed at the Bugeater GT in Omaha, that I was not seeing any Landraiders nor was I seeing the "melta heavy" environment of previous years. I think the drive to kill rhinos has reopened a door to the Landraider. Do I think all armies benefit from the big box of doom? No, I believe the assault forces do. Gun lines would get more benefit from Predators.

Image taken from Bols.

I'm looking at running 2 Landraider Crusaders, with one as a dedicated transport, and one in the heavy slot. The crusaders give me anti-infantry fire power while moving forward. It is also the only LR that can shoot all its weapons while advancing. Also having them have a multimelta gives them the ability to take out vehicles including other Landraiders. The increased transport option helps too, if I choose to put my 10 man sternguard squad with Lysander in it.

What about Dark Eldar? Well yeah, they can tear up Landraiders. But Crusaders can also tear up DE. Hurricane bolters and assault cannons are pretty good at taking out DE.

The big key to dual Landraiders will be using them to tank shock to split the enemies force. If you can drive a wedge into their battle line, you can focus on killing one half of the "snake" first. I will be taking 3 drop pods also, so the Pedro Bubble army will rely heavily on positioning and target focus.

So what do you think? Are Landraiders a tool of the past? Has there been a shift in lists away from melta?

That's my 2 cents, feel free to leave yours in the comments below.


  1. I'm taking dual land raiders to 'Ard Boyz for sure. My one and only 40k army is Vulkan marines, so that was a no brainer. 2 TH/SS units in Redeemers, backed up by speeders and attack bikes with melta goodness.

    Are land raiders vulnerable to melta? Sure, but if you pop smoke right, you should have unloaded your cargo by turn 2, turn 3 at the latest. Plus at this points level you can get in a good # of dakka preds and/or riflemen dreads to provide you sufficient ranged covering fire. Pop those transports before the meltas get to you.

  2. I figure if you are in melta range then you are in assualt range. Smoke will be important for sure.

    I'm also dropping in some drop pods to take some heat off my LR's.