Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bugeater GT 2011; Game 2 VS NIDS

Game 2 I found myself facing off against a Tyranid army played by Jamie Tigges. I have not played alot of games vs tyranids, so I made alot of mistakes. I will keep this short as there is not alot to be learned from my game...

Mission was Scenario Two with spearhead deployment. Primary was objectives (4), Secondary was Kill Points, and Tertiary was table quarters.

My list;
Codex Space Marines

Pedro Kantor
Librarian- null, and force dome
3 Honor Guard- razorback

5 assault termie- 2 th/ss
10 sternguard- 2x melta, 3x combi melta, 2x combi plasma, lightning claw sarg, razorback
Ironclad Dreadnought

10 Tactical Marines- melta, missile, powerfist, razorback
5 Tactical Marines- power sword, razorback

3x Predators- ac/ las sponsons


2x primes

3x hive guard
2x hive guard
2x hive guard

2x tervigons
10 termagaunts
10 termaguants

3x carnifex squad

10 gargoyles

So I know big bugs are bad, and I know tervigons poop out little bugs. I know he will try and poop out more than what I can kill and hold the objectives. I let the other big bugs scare me and I choose to castle up. Mistake number one.

I castled up my sternguard thinking he was fast and would be within assault range fast. He was not, and was really a pretty slow army. He pretty much popped my tanks, and I tripped over my tanks in my movement phase. I poured my heavy bolters into him and put some wounds on the tervigon, but never killed either one.

Poop poop goes the tervigon....

Predator and razorback are craters. CF are still holding back. DOH!

Trygon came in over on my left and killed both predators, 5 sternguard and one razorback! Go me.
At this late point in like turn 3 or 4 I finally decided to charge him. I really tried to make shooty sternguard work this game. This was the turn I really felt my mistakes in list building.

So I assaulted him with my dread, some marines and eventually my honor guard and Pedro a turn later. It was pretty even in assault as we were both loosing stuff fast. I was winning assaults consistently and he was taking fearless saves too.

Close to the end.

Well I got my butt stomped, by myself. I screwed so much up that game, I got the result I deserved. My list had flaws in that it had a split personality. Jack of all, master of none. My army is ok at assault with some shooty. My army could have be awesome at assault if I would have focused. My deployment boxed my units in. My dread was stuck behind my razorwall and I sat and shot with my sternguard instead of utilizing their base 2 attacks in HtH. I deep struck my terminators and they did not come on till turn 5. They did nothing.

So I learned Tyranids are ok. They can be beat in HtH with good units (hammernators). I learned I should change my list. 3 preds was unneeded. I could have used a vindicator in place of number 3. Pedro bubble army is good but you have to dedicate to it.

So I'm 1-1 and got 0 points in that game. On to game 3.......

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  1. Hey Josh, this is Jamie. :) Nice report and great pics. Tyranids are one of those unpredictable armies. Most people have this idea that they're supposed to be fast and be in your face, but I play them as a solid rock that camps the middle and slowly widdles you down as I claim the objectives. Your honor guard were monsters when they came into combat, that's definitely something I wasn't expecting. But that aside I think the terminators not coming in until turn 5 was probably what hurt the most. But it was a great game, and tournament. We all take the mistakes away and kick ourselves the hardest. But as long as you learn from it that's what matters. =D