Monday, July 25, 2011

Pedro Kantor and the "Bubble List" in action.

Ard Boys is coming up and I'll be running a simple Pedro Bubble list. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. Scroll further down for more bubbleness......

Pedro Kantor lists tend to be built around sternguard. Most take 3 units of them, capitalizing on Pedro making them scoring. This is good, but I think it is overlooking Pedro's most powerful rule, Inspiring Presence.

Inspiring Presence is simply all friendly units within 12 inches get a +1 attack bonus.

This is what I feel is Pedro's strength and makes him as good as Vulcan. This is what I'm building my Ard Boys list around. Yes I know, this is not an internet list and will loose. Maybe, I have no illusions of this army being the be all end all. I do think there is something there to build around and I believe it can be competitive. Will this become a new net list? I doubt it, but you never know. I am not the only one toying around with this idea. I have seen some others talking about bits and pieces of this list on Bolter and Chainsword and BoK (Blood of Kittens) has also done an article about Honor Guard.

So let's put it out there for show. Here is my current version of my Ard Boys list. Their maybe minor changes but I'm settling in on most of this list.

Pedro Kantor
5 Honor Guard- razorback

10 Sternguard- 2x melta, 2x combi melta, sargent with 2x lightning claws, drop pod
10 Assault Terminators- 5 lightning claws, 5 thunder hammers, Land Raider Crusader with multimelta
Ironclad Dreadnought- drop pod

10 Tactical Marines- melta, multimelta, drop pod
10 Scouts- all ccw and bolt pistols, sargent with melta bombs

Land Speeder- multimelta, heavy flamer
Attack Bike- multimelta

Land Raider Crusader- multimelta

That's it! I'm toying around with honor guard #4 and 5. I may keep them to 3 and use the 70 points to run another land speeder with multimelta and heavy flamer. It plays pretty simple with Pedro staying in the middle and buffing as many units as possible.

Times 8 is just wrong!

This last Saturday I ran it vs a 8 battlewagon ork list. I was able to kill 7 battlewagons by turn 6 and I had missed alot of multimelta rolls. I did get lucky with one landraider getting Deffrolled and him only rolling three 2's on penetrating rolls. I also lost my Ironclad to a deffroller that had fixed it's self with grot riggers the turn before. Another highlight was my sternguard with Lysander assaulting a 18+ man ork unit and crushing them. I lost one combat in the game and it was my fault. I had multi assaulted 2 nob units with powerclaws and a warboss with one unit of 5 terminators. It was the only assault I lost that day.

My second game was vs orks again. This list was all foot orks with 5++ invuls. This showed me how my list does vs a descent foot list. I won all assaults but took heavy damage on turns he assaulted me (looking back I might have lost one assault, but was stubborn). Turns I assaulted, I would crush with little for losses. In all the combats I was able to use Pedro in a Landraider and fight within 12 inches of it. I think this was huge in the out comes of the fights. I think it pushed up the kills I made and also pushed up fearless saves he had to make. It was kind of a snowball effect and helped kill the horde faster. His 5++ did save a good number of orks but he still lost large numbers. If I was fighting a real green tide force, the devastation would have been more and units would have died off faster also.

I hope to run the list again in the next week. I might have to run  smaller list in a game I'm hoping to set up with one of the guys from Independent Characters podcast. The strategy would still be the same, I would just have to adapt my tactics.

That's my 2 cents on Pedro. I hope to get a battle report up this week with pictures. I also have some hobby progress for Wednesday post.


  1. Heh, an ork horde with all 5++? Isn't that upgrade like 5 points per model? Not saying that you would have done worse but... each cybork upgrade would have nearly bought him another boy. You should point that out to him- it might save him a lot of grief :-p

    As to the list, I really like the idea of Pedro + bubble of awesome in combat. Will be interested to see how it works out in a competitive setting!

  2. This list looks like Hobo Stew to me! Stop stealing my tech!


  3. Yeah he could have ran more orks. He wanted to test it to see if it had any legs. He was talking about Kan wall and vulcan with craploads of templates and melta.