Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Another Wednesday and a little hobby progress to report.

I finished up my sternguard sargent. I wanted to add a right handed lightning claw bit to him. I got the bit primed, glued and painted. I even used him in a couple games last Saturday. Woot!

I did get the box of stuff primed. The humidity broke for one day and I got the mission accomplished. Unfortunately I used the last of my primer also. Unknown when I'll be able to get another can. I will probably look at some other colors too, like their blue, green, and red. I use army painter, love it! I want to redo my Salamanders and I have some orks to paint. The blue might help with my Fists if it is the right shade. Red for my Khorne army when I start it.

I glued up some Vet marine models I had. One of them I'm going to use for Cato Sicarious, but I decided to put 3 more together. I liked my Honor Guard so much last Saturday, I want to add a couple more guys to the unit. I'm going to paint up a new Chapter Champion. My old one will become the new banner bearer. The new one will be painted like an Emperor's Champion in black. Fists are a chapter of Dorn and use EC's. Here is him tacked onto a base for now...

 Here is the other honor guard I'm adding. I love the pose he has with him leg up and the sword at his side. He will be fun to paint. Of coarse I'm out of primer, so there will be a delay in that.

I also snapped the weapons off a speeder I had finished. It was 2 heavy bolters. I want to go with multimelta and heavy flamer instead. I will then have 2 of those.

Not much painting this week, mostly modeling. I needed to get back into the swing but it's hard. Next week I hope to get some paint on those terminators, finish up the multimelta for the crusader, and maybe decide what these last 4 marine bodies will be. I need one sternguard and one tactical marine to finish out 2 squads of 4 oddballs. I'm thinking I would like some razorback turrets with different options also. I want to start stripping an army also. My Salamanders will be first. I want to repaint the scouts to Crimson Fists and the rest I want to just paint up better.

OOP chaplain model with jump pack added. Future project.

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