Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday will be a series of articles on Wednesday, where I'll list what I'm working on and my plans for the weekend ahead. This week I have shots of some stuff for my Ard Boyz list, a homemade conversion of my Cato Sicarious, and a special kit I'm putting together for fun.

First up in the primer box, I have the arms for my terminator squad. Also in there is the right hand lightning claw for my sternguard sargent. 4 marines which I'll turn into squad guys and a couple sternguard to fill out some extra guys to make a minimum squads. Last is a multimelta for my land raider crusader. Priming has been delayed for a week as the heat and humidity have been a little insane.

This will be my new sternguard sargent. On the charge in Pedro's bubble he will have 5 attacks. I plan to run Lysander with the squad, so he will take care of any dreadnoughts or high toughness guys. The sargent will help with mobs and hordes of regular guys.

Next on my list to do is paint up these terminators. Originally they were tactical terminators, but I wanted 5 more assault terminators. I had the leftover arms from my assault terminator kit, so off came the powerfists for new arms. The painted one was my test model for my assault terminators, so only 4 to do really.

I need to get working on my assault bike with multimelta. I still need to file mold lines and drill out the multimelta. I'm running him in my Ard Boyz list and at 50 points he will probably make it in a bunch more lists if I get going on him.

I left the arms/weapon of the sidecar not attached and the driver comes off. I still wanted to get in there to paint everything but if it doesn't get finished, he is still playable for Ard Boyz.

Last on my painting list is my converted Cato Sicarious. I went searching for a veteran space marine that had armour fancy enough to be a commanders. I gave him one of the Crimson Fist swords and a Fist shoulder pad. Pretty basic conversion, but I don't plan on using him very often. I do plan on modelling up all the other special characters and have started on my Marneus Calgar counts as.

Last up is my new Storm Raven. I'm not sure I'll get to her this week. I may need a break from painting and assembly on this beauty would be fun. I have not decided if it will be Crimson Fists or a different chapter. I will probably go CF and just use it in Apocalypse games till GW gives it to regular marines. I will need forge world doors for it so painting will be on the back burner for awhile.

Check back next week for updates and WIP Wednesday. With my wife gone this weekend, I hope to get a game in and some good hobby progress.

Well I spent my 2 cents so laterz.

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  1. Lol, I hear that the Stormraven takes forever to assemble. I don't envy you at all :-p

    Looks cool man, it reminds me that I need to start the prep for myself, lol!

    How many people generally show up at your LGS' 'Ard Boyz Prelims?