Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ard Boys List thoughts.

Here is the list I have been tossing around for Ard Boys this year. Looks like there will be lots of horde players, so I'm banking on Vulcan to lead the way!!

Vulcan-For the flamer and melta twin linked goodness. Plus he has a heavy flamer.

Cassius- Has a combi-flamer and will ride with the tactical squad.
10 sternguard- 2 heavy flamers, 3 combi-flamers, 5 combi-meltas, drop pod

8 thunder hammer terminators- landraider Redeemer with multimelta

Ironclad dreadnought- 2 heavy flamers, drop pod

10 tactical marines- flamer, combi-melta, drop pod

10 tactical marines- flamer, combi-melta, will ride in second Redeemer with Vulcan and Cassius

Land Speeder- heavy flamer, multi melta

Land Speeder- multi melta, heavy flamer

Land Speeder- multi melta, heavy flamer

Land Raider Redeemer- multi melta

Vindicator- siege shield

Thunderfire cannon

Should kill hordes with 18 flamer template weapons a turn!!

Not your normal list, but I'm playing the field with 3-4 possible ork armies and 2 Tyranid armies out of 12!

Well, I'm probably not running this list (You never know). We were joking around how funny it would be if someone did run this list (just so many orks and tyranid players)!

Got in a good couple games today vs orks both times up in Sioux Falls. One was a battlewagon spam list, very tough if you are not prepared, and the other was more green tide with bleach. Not sure what army either player will be bringing in the end though. Like I said there was talk of the Vulcan list.

What I did find out about my list was it plays as nicely vs armour 14 as it does vs horde. I'll throw my list up next week as it really doesn't matter if people see it. It plays the same either way. The cool thing about a Pedro Bubble list is it is all about you playing your army and not the opponent. It is what it is!

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  1. 18 flamer templates with re rolls.
    That is why vulkan is such a stupidly good hq choice.
    And the thunder hammers are master crafted too.