Monday, June 13, 2011

Battle Report; Orks VS Crimson Fists 1850

Sunday I was lucky enough to make the trip up to Dark Matter Anime to try my 1850 Bugeater list out against Lloyd. Quick couple things about the trip up. The store was nice and their main tables in the back were really nice. They are a little cramped for space in that they have alot of different little rooms. Overall though it is a very nice place to play and if I lived up there, I would have no problem making it my hang out store. This was a good trip in that my wife could do some shopping while I game, and then we went out for a nice a supper at Lone Star (+1 marital capital).

Lloyd is running a different kind of ork list than what I have fought before. Here is what I can remember from his list:

Named character on warbike, Wazdakka maybe?
Warboss with pc on bike

10 nobs on bikes, all pc and pin doc guy
10 bikes with nob and pc
10 bikes with nob and pc

30 boyz with 3 big shootas, choppa slugga, nob with claw
30 ard boys with shootas, 3 big shootas, nob with claw

So my first impression is it is not a huge ork army but very fast, and those nobs are bad mojo for my marines. My Ironclad will be have to be huge on killing bikes, and I'm pretty sure my termies and honorguard will have to carry the team.

My list...

Pedro Kantor

Librarian with Null Zone and Force Dome

3 honor guard- razorback

10 man tactical squad- missile launcher, melta, sarg with powerfist, razorback

5 man tactical squad- sarg with power weapon, razorback

10 sternguard- 2x melta, 3x combi melta, 2x combi plasma, sarg with lightning claw, razorback

Ironclad dreadnought- stormbolter, melta, seismic hammer

5 assault terminators- 2 th/ss, 3 lc

3x predators- autocannon, lascannon sponsons

Overview.... Mission was primary kill points, secondary was table quarters, and objectives was the last.

Lloyd won the roll for sides and deployed his army. He deployed one unit of bikes with the regular warboss on my left. He then had the regular boys behind a ruin and the ard boys next to them. Still going left to right, he had the 2nd bike unit and finally the nobs with that named guy.

I deployed from left to middle, ignoring the right flank facing the nob bikers and extra unit of bikes. I put all 3 my predators on my left to face off vs his warboss with bikes. I then had a 10 man tactical squad and my Ironclad close to them. My plans were for them to face off in hand to hand if shooting failed. I next castled my razorbacks in V formations with my sternguard and termies behind them. I was planning on the sternguard and razorback heavy bolters to take out the 30 ard boys holding the middle. The termies were behind the razorbacks to assault the bikers after they assaulted the razors. My honorguard was in a razor along with the 5 man tactical squad.

Lloyd began the game by turbo boosting all his bike squads. This put the left squad very close to my predators, and the right 2 squads still a turn away if I blocked them with a 12 inch moving razorback. His Ard boyz moved up to mid field and settled in on an objective. His shooting was in affective only shaking a lead razorback and kill one marine in the 10 man squad.

My turn one had me racing a razorback right to block his bikes and cause them to travel farther to get to my main force. My terminators moved to the left a little to add some inched between the bikes and them. Shooting had my sternguard open up on his ard boyz dropping 4-5, and heavy bolter razorbacks dropping a couple more. My preds opened up on the left side warboss with bikers. With my dread moving towards them and all my shooting, I only killed one or 2 bikes. I had moved the 9 man tactical squad up also, firing bolt pistols. I assaulted the bikes with my Ironclad and my 9 man tactical squad with powerfist. I had initiative on him and my dread put his attacks on the warboss. 4 hits and 4 wounds meant one really dead boss. He did not have an invulnerable save. My tactical marines did good by dropping 4 bikes and my fist dropped another 2. He failed to wound and hit with most of his attacks ( I saved 2). His remaining 2 bikes failed ld and got away fleeing 13-14 inches.

Turn 2 saw Lloyd ignore my razorback on my right and move up towards my castle. His 2 boys squads basically decided to stay where they were and shoot marines. His bikes chose to shoot my sternguard forgoing and assault as they were to far to get to them. He could have assaulted a couple razorbacks. His shooting from the 2 bike squads did drop 7 sternguard.

Just a solid unit. 3 lightning claws plus Pedro bubble is awesomesauce!

My turn 2, I moved my terminators into assault range of the regular bikes. I moved my remaining 3 sternguard away from the bikers. I put Kantor back into the Honorguard squad (I had popped his orbital bombardment on turn one and killed one bike on the right. He made his cover saves on the rest). My dread moved towards the 20 ard boyz in the middle. The rest of my army held tight. I assaulted the regular bikes and killed a bunch. I had lost one termie to shooting the round before and lost another in the combat. They failed their leadership and fell back 5 or 6 inches. My terminators made an awesome consolidation roll of 6 and moved back away from the nob bikers.

For Lloyd's turn 3, he moved up his nob bikers. His ard boys stayed put again mid-field. Both bike squads fell back again. One running off the board. Lloyd shot a razorback with his nobs immobilizing it. He also assaulted it blowing it up. His boys squads continued to shoot with big shootas doing little.

I did not take the drop pod in my Bugeater list.
 My turn 3 had me block his nobs again with an empty razorback on the outside of the Crater of the exploded razor. He would have to make dangerous terrain tests to assault. I disembarked my 5 man marine squad and moved them into assault range of the 20 ard boyz left in the middle. My ironclad moved into assault range of the same squad. I pushed my remaining 3 terminator up the middle, keeping razorbacks in between them and the nobs. I moved my 3 sternguard up also. The assault vs the ard boyz went well with my guys kill several and the nob only glancing a weapon off the dread. The orks held with a roll of 4, exactly what he needed.

Turn 4, Lloyd moved his Nobs toward mid-field and shooting the 3 sternguard to death. This put him in the lead with 3 kill points to my 2. We needed to win by 3 or it was a draw though. Hand to hand had the ard boys losing again but rolling  double 1's to hold.

The bottom of 4 was the deciding round for the game, as Lloyd only had 3 units and 1 falling back squad of bikes. I shot the bikes falling back to take them below half. I moved my 3 termies (2 lc, 1 th/ss) towards the nob bikers. I disembarked my honorguard with Pedro and librarian, and moved them towards the special named warboss. So all or nothing, I assaulted the nobs. My termies had 10 lightning claw attacks (Pedro bubble + charging) and my honorguard put 16 power weapon attacks into the nobs killing 7 nobs (15 wounds). Wazdakka I think was his name, killed Pedro with 6 or 7 wounds. My thunder hammer finish off the remaining 2 nobs, and Wazdakka tried to flee for the hills,  but got run down. As I had also wiped out the ard boyz with no losses, Lloyd conceded defeat.

+1 attack bubble was huge again!
 Overall it was a fun game and I learned ork biker shooting is deadly. I also learned that if I can assault orks they are not so scary. I'm not fearing a green tide anymore with how many my attacks my squads can put up. Pedro placement is huge though! I think 3 predators is not needed and I could get by with 2. The 3rd one is just in the way. I think a vindicator might fit better with the advancing termies and dread. My deployment was good and I think I did better this time. My honorguard proved they are good at 115 points. Lloyd's army is fast, and I'm sure next time he will play it different.

Well that's my 2 cents on the battle. Thanks again for reading, and comments are always welcome.


  1. Hey Josh
    I definitely had fun playing against a beautiful Crimson Fist army. I think that a squad of assault marines would be a nice replacement for the third Predator. Your army is very well balanced and deadly I think you will do well at the Bugeater GT, although I'm gonna fight you tooth and nail for the Renassaince man title.

  2. Thanks. Your stuff looks awesome too, you just need to finsh those bikers by next weekend!

    Ya, I'm thinking i have a shot at Renassaince man. I think you do too! Against me the shooty was more damgerous, you'll have to decide on other armies.

    I keep tripping over the 3rd predator. I'm thinking of a vindicator or maybe something totally different.

    For ard boyz, I'm thinking of runnign Cato Sicarius and Pedro Kantor. We'll see how important the librarian is at BeGT.

  3. I'd say put a vindicator in there in place of the 3rd predator. I never leave home without at least one in my lists. And nothing says "THIS 24 INCHES OF THE BOARD IS MINE." quite like a Vindicator :)

    I guess you'll have to wait until after the tournament. But give one a try sometime and let me know what you think. Fun stuff.