Friday, June 10, 2011

On the sales block....

Ok I have some models and one army on the chopping block. I have alot of extra stuff I don't need or use. All of it is listed on Ebay.

So first up is my Vampire Counts army.

Warhammer Vampire Counts Army for sale.

Next up is a painted 5 man squad of oop grey knights.

Link to auction.
Here are links to my other smaller auctions.
Grave Guard
Goblin skeleton musician
Vampire Counts Blood dragon
Painted Great Eagle
Konrad von Carstien
Vampire Counts Codex
Empire Codex
Space Marine metal Librarian
Missile launcher bits
Cyclone Missile Launche bits
Dark Eldar OOP Warriors NIB
Imperial Guard Tallarn Lot

That's it for the first wave. I'm now sure if their will be a second wave. I have not decided if I will keep my 3rd edition Dark Eldar army and my War Machine. I also have a couple board games I may get rid of, Civilization, and Shogun.

I clearing out stuff I don't use and making room for my new gaming tables. I have plenty of time before they are done, but I'm in the cleaning mode.

I'm also thinning down my number of armies. With the GW price increases, I just can not justify building new armies and still updating old ones. I'm done with fantasy. 8th edition is just left a sour taste for me. To keep fantasy armies updated will require too much money. They just require to many models.

I may keep my Menoth army. Right now it comes out to 35 points and I did pick up the current rules. I'll keep it in case GW implodes.

Well that's it for tonight. Looking to get some shots of my honor guard up tomorrow.

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