Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bugeater GT 2011 Coverage: Player Spotlight, Clint "Adepticon Bathrobe Guy"

Arbite/Penal Legion counts as IG army.

My goal with these Spotlights is to focus on some of the great armies floating around the Midwest. These guys have spent a ton of time on their armies and they are truly beautiful and unique.

My first one is on a guy I met at a RTT a long time ago. I have seen him at Magecon unRTTs and played him the first time at a Fields of Honor RTT way back in 2003ish? Clint is an awesome person to hang out with and just geek out. He is also very brave to wear a bathrobe all of day 2!

The guy was always smiling, really!

Clint's army is an awesome Adeptus Arbite force. He ran it as a "counts as" IG army. His commissars are Judges as in Judge Dredd. Clint has made onto a few videos for Adepticon on Brent's Strictly Average and RHQ-TV he was interviewed on episode #27. Just don't ask whats under the robe! I got the robed wonder on video at the Bugeater here...

Clint's army is awesome cool. If you ever get the chance to check it out, make sure you take the time to peep his conversions. Just about everything has something worth looking at. 

But if you get the chance to play Clint in a game, you are in for a real treat as he is an awesome player and a great sport. Like I said he is always smiling. And all that smiling earned Clint the "Best Sportsmanship" award. Way to go mister cool bathrobe wearing flip flop dude! Someone get him a beer.

Tim and the always smiling internet famous Clint B.

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  1. Digging all the coverage Josh. When Clint came up to me on day 2 asking to get into the locked room (where we stored armies), I thought he was a swimmer who got stuck out of the locker room or something.