Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bugeater GT Update.....T Minus 3 days and counting..

Ok so Blogger is being stupid and pictures are not loading up (looks like they fixed the problem). So you get a wall of text for now...

3 days till the first ever Bugeater GT. The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing what a huge deal this really is for our gaming scene.
We were really the only region in the US without a GT. The East coast has several including Nova and the Battle for Salvation. Texas has a bunch, including Wargames Con. Out west, their is the Bay Open plus Kubla Con and more. Chicago and Ohio area has Adepticon and some more in Illinios. Out in Nebraska, Iowa, Dakotas, and even Minnesota, do not have alot to pick from. I can see a Minneapolis GT, as the area does have a good number of gamers. Location would be costly, and they would need a go getter personallity to really push it through.

So this makes me even more excited for the BeGT. Plus 6 games over one weekend, awesomesauce! I am worried that my lack of practice will make this a 0-6 trip, but I have to remember to just play smart and deploy smart. I know my list is not bad, and my painting is the best I have ever had for me. I also know our local meta is not a bunch of net lists. I do wish I had a vindi instead of a predator.

So Friday I'll make the drive down, and hopefully meet a bunch of new people. I hope they put us players together in the hotel, that could be fun. That's another one of the things I'm looking forward to, meeting players from other parts of the country. I see players from Missouri, Colorado, and other places far and wide are coming. I saw a good size group from Des Miones making the trip over. I think even if I was not going to play in this, it would be wurth showing up and hanging out for.

So whats the plan Stan?... First though I have to get my new display board done. It should be easy, as my plan is pretty much figured out. Next is to get my army pictures done. I want to have my units and a good overall shot of everything in my force. Print off all needed material. I need to get the new FAQ's and any maps printed off. I want to be prepared for detours because of the flood. I got my rhino craters done today, but I want get some markers for my combi shots. I need to double check my smoke, and some poker chips with wrecked and immobilized would be nice.

I hope to put up lots of still shots and maybe get 4-5 small video's of the Bugeater. I got permission today from Tim to shoot there so now is put up or shut up time. I plan to write up my battle reports with pictures.... I plan on doing several reports from everything like player interviews, to terrain, to army spotlights.

So suit up! This is going to be LEGENDARY!

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