Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bugeater Display board WIP

Got some work done tonight on my new display board. I'm not sure if I can finish it tomorrow or not. If I can not, then I will take my old one. Anyway, here is the step by step up to this point.

First step I took was to tape off the frame. I want to keep primer and paint or glue off the wood frame. I used regular masking tape and did the top and sides. The tape may leave glue residue on the wood and I will remove it with soap and water.

Today I glued the ceramic pieces on. The ruined walls and the concrete barricades are made of dental plaster. To glue this to cork, I use Gorilla Glue. The one I used was for wood, stone, metal, ceramics, foam, and glass. It does not glue plastic down. Hot glue gun will take care of plastic.

Gorilla Glue is the bomb. This stuff requires a little water on one side and expands to fill gaps and more. You need firm pressure. I used some books and it seemed fine.

I used Elmer's Glue spread thin to apply some railroad ballast I had. I did not completely cover since I'm just looking for a nice surface to dry brush for contrast.

Tomorrow I will prime the board black. Hopefully by afternoon I can apply the road and concrete features. This stuff work very nicely..

My goal is to get the "road" finished and dry to touch by 3ish. I'll need to paint the rocky areas brown and dry brush a lighter brown after that. I will also need to quick paint the walls, barrels, and concrete walls. Last step I have to finish is to throw some static grass in the brown and maybe glue some lichen along the wall.

If time, I would like to add some burning tires, barbed wire, and small gas cans.


  1. Cool stuff!

    Thanks for the post, look forward to more updates.

    Question for you; what dental plaster are you using? (I use merlin's magic).

    thanks again!

  2. Hey thanks for reading.

    I got the walls off of ebay premade. I was listing their compisition for purposes of the glue.

    I like the plaster for display boards as I find it lighter than plastic or resin.