Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pedro and Cato? Ard boyz possibilities.

Captain Cato Sicarius

Chaptermaster Pedro Kantor

Can these two get along on the battle field and win?

So I liked the book Rynn's World and really liked the characters of Pedro Kantor and Capt Cortez. I have been thinking lately on how to get the Captain in the army. The best way was either a plain captain or a "counts as" character.

I decided the special character "counts as" is a better fit. While there are some differences, the bonuses out weighted them. First off, I decided Cato best represented Cortez's drive and tactical genius.

Cortez was very head strong in the book, and even argued with Pedro. The reroll of the seize roll is a pretty good representation of this. Cato get feel no pain and this is Cortez to a T. The man simply does not die. He was also one of Pedro's best captains and the ability to give a tactical squad a USR is good.

Down side is no powerfist. He does get the one attack thing at strength 6, so this is a compromise.

So I'm thinking of running these two guys together in 2000 to 2500 point games. Anything less, and the 375 points is just too much. At lower levels I like to run Pedro with a librarian. Why run them together? Good question.

They do not compete with chapter tactics. Pedro is the only one with them. Cato's rules are just regular rules. So Pedro replaces Cato's combat tactics with his stubborn. Cato brings a cool character with 4 attacks, 5 in Pedro's bubble. He has possible instant kill so I don't loose that. He has a 2+/4++, alot better than my librarian. He can give a tactical squad counter-attack, infiltrate, scout, or tank hunter. Very nice! He let's me reroll my seize roll, not bad. He also makes my whole army stubborn leadership 10! With a honor guard banner giving rerolls, my army is going nowhere.

So he is ok. Best off is he allows me to run Pedro and Cortez. So fluffy bunnies rejoice! He gives me a cool modeling project for the army that doesn't cost $60 too. At 2500 points, that means less stuff I would have to by. I will miss the psychic defense. Hopefully I get to play some grey knights to see if it will even matter.

So what do you think? Have you seen or heard of anyone running Cato Sicarius?

Well that's my 2 cents.

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