Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bugeater GT 2011 coverage: Terrain, Tables, and Interesting People.

Last article I touched on my first impressions of the Bugeater. Another great first impression they made on me was the terrain and tables. Overall, looking at the tables they looks awesome. Clearly alot of time was spent making terrain, because I had never seen most of this at the local store. Tim clearly took it to heart to have good terrain. Their was clearly an attempt to have LOS blocking terrain, and some of it was huge!

Maybe too big a foot print. But wow on the height!

Interesting board, I never got to play on it.

Their was some tables that could have used some tweaking but overall I would give him a grade of B+. The down grade comes from some tables having a huge piece that people played as impassible. If they would have explained it was los blocking and difficult, their would have been a better result. Also their was 1 table that had alot of trees with not area defining felt. Very minor things that players really could have fixed while playing on those boards.

Group them trees up!

Example of the "impassible" terrain. Several missions had a dead center objective.
 Here is a bunch of eye candy shots of tables. Like I said over all an B+.

One of the best parts of this tournaments was getting to make new friends and seeing old ones. Friday would have been perfect if I would have just hung out and talked hobby. I still had a blast and even managed to grab 4 hours of sleep.

I split a room with a couple of great guys, Lloyd, and old friend who drove down from Sioux Falls, and Brad "Hulksmash", he's kind of famous on the internet (LOL)!

Lloyd and his cool looking biker orks.
Now as long as I have known Lloyd, he is always painting for the tournament even up to the night before. This tournament was no exception, as he painted Friday and Saturday night. His orks bikers were truly beautiful and I was worried for my chances at the sweepstakes win. Llyod's hard work paid off as he won best painted single miniature 40k. I was stoked he got it, cause he really put alot of work into his army.

Only shot of the elusive Hulk I had...He is in white.

I ended up sharing a room with Brad after posting on Dakka. Good thing he wasn't a crazy dude that murders you in your sleep! I had talked to him at a couple RTTs up in Minneapolis and he seemed a pretty cool dude. Honestly, sharing a room with him and Lloyd was highlight of the trip. It wasn't totally crazy party time, but just cool geeky hobby talk, and was really relaxing. Brad is an awesome player, and I really respect his game. I was pulling for him to win, but sometimes it is not meant to be. One thing I am very thankful to him for, is after my horrible play on games 2 and 3, he told me to get my head out of my ass. Thanks dude, cause I played way better on day 2 and between venting and your kind words, I stepped up my game, a little. I had a blast hanging out and look forward to playing in a couple those rtt up in Minneapolis.

He is a bunch of crowd shots from the GT......

Clint sporting his internet famous robe. He's a cool dude to hang out with and talk shop.

Tyson is the guy standing in the background. Another nice guy to talk to.
 Group shots and random games....

40k side of the gym. This was where the cool kids hung out!

Square Baser's side.....

Still yet to come... Army features, battle reports for the Crimson Fists, and more.

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